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Dana White reveals Ian Garry already rejected by top contender following UFC 292

Apart from the headline title change, it was Ian Garry who emerged as the standout star of UFC 292. Garry delivered a remarkably dominant performance against seasoned contender Neil Magny, earning a rarely seen 30-24 scorecard. This resounding victory undoubtedly marked a turning point in his career, leaving MMA enthusiasts eager to witness the next steps for the undefeated 25-year-old athlete.

“Very very good win for him. He didn’t train for Magny… but he looked damn good,” Dana White said at the UFC 292 post-fight press conference.

White unveiled his grand ambitions for the emerging Irish talent, but these aspirations won’t include a specific top contender or a journey to his hometown of Dublin anytime soon.

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Wonderboy turned down Ian Garry fight

Shortly after the triumph at UFC 292, Dana White swiftly disclosed that Stephen Thompson had already turned down the potential matchup with Ian Machado Garry. “Wonderboy turned the fight down tonight,” White claimed. “Listen, we make fights man. That’s what we do.”

Stephen Thompson, a former UFC welterweight title contender, is presently without a opponent due to Michel Pereira’s weight miss at UFC 291.

Who will take on ian Garry now?

Although the match won’t be against Wonderboy, Dana White has confirmed that Ian Garry’s next fight has already been scheduled with a specific date and location.

“I do want Ian to go to Dublin, just not next,” White said. “Madison Square Garden, that’s where he goes next. There’s a blueprint for this shit, and we got it.”

The UFC 295 event at MSG in New York, scheduled for November 11, was the one Dana White referred to. This might explain why Stephen Thompson isn’t interested, as he had a late July fight and might be looking to compete sooner.

In any case, the UFC seems determined to showcase Ian Garry on a significant card, possibly alongside the Jon Jones vs Stipe Miocic headliner, in a location that boasts a substantial Irish fan following.

With his victory over Magny, Ian Machado Garry’s record now stands at an impressive 13-0, setting him up for a likely entry into the top 10 rankings.

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