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Drake’s Son Belts Out ‘Rich Flex’ In Cute Clip

Drake’s son Adonis Graham can’t get over his dad’s music skills! The Grammy-winning rapper who shares his five-year-old boy with his ex-girlfriend Sophia Brussaux might have to appoint his son as the leader of the Drake fan club.

On August 12, the rapper attended his Inglewood tour stop alongside his son. After experiencing the show, the little boy isn’t forgetting the performance anytime soon and has taken to rapping just like his dad! 

Drake’s Son Shows Off His Singing Skills Shortly After Attending His Father’s Concert

Proud dad Drake happily showed off his five-year-old pop star on his Instagram. The 36-year-old uploaded a photo that captured him and his son posing at what appeared to be backstage. The “Hotline Bling” rapper placed one hand on his head, covered in a cap, while he wrapped the other around his son. Adonis, on the other hand, was focused on what he was eating from a bowl. 

Drake's father and his son at a concert

The “God’s Plan” rapper then showed that his boy is his biggest fan. In one video which Drake shared to his Instagram Stories the cute cherub excitedly recited the opening line from “Rich Flex,” which featured 21 Savage. The young boy shook his head as he sang, “21, can you do something for me?” while holding a hand-made card that read, “Dad I hope you have a great concert.” 

Another video shared on “In My Feelings” rapper’s stories displayed Adonis channeling his famous dad. While still chanting the line, “21, can you do something for me?” the youngster jumped on the couch and kicked his legs, apparently putting on a show. “Comes to one drake show…,” the Brits Awards winner wrote in the video’s caption. 

With Adonis attending the August 12 concert, Drake put on his dad’s hat and set some ground rules to ensure the show was child-friendly for his boy. Since the start of Drizzy’s tour, which launched in early July at Chicago’s United Center, it has become a trend for female fans to throw their bras at him.

However, the “Way 2 Sexy” rapper asked fans to keep their bras on because his son was attending. The Canadian rapper told the crowd, “Look, to be honest with you, I can’t talk about t—ies tonight in L.A. because my son is at the show for the first time. So we’ve got to keep this real PG tonight. Y’all keep your bras on.”

The ‘Rich Flex’ Rapper’s Son Had A Hilarious Interview 

In February, the songwriter’s son wowed everyone with his coolness during an interview with Barstool sports correspondent Caleb Pressley. The discussion began with the preschooler giving his famous dad his juice box to hold while he answered questions about his friends and dad.

Talking about his friendship, Drake’s son said, “There’s a lot of friends of me that are really nice to me.” When asked how his friends act when they’re being nice, Adonis replied, “They say, ‘I like you because you’re being nice to me.’” Upon being asked what his friends say when they’re being mean, Adonis said, “They say, ‘I don’t like you because you’re being mean to mean.’” 

Pressley further asked the tot if he could read, and Adonis shared that he can’t read, but he has a “him” around him named “Kyle” that can read. This revelation made Pressley ask the little boy, “Do you think if you had a better dad, you would be able to read?”

Sparing no thought, Adonis looked at his dad, who was off camera, and said, “this is my better dad.” He further revealed some things about his rapper dad, saying the singer is “a funny dad also he does a lot of jokes.”

The “Jimmy Cooks” rapper patiently waited for his boy to say all he wanted before gushing about his relationship with his boy. He said his youngster is “always vibing out with me and always telling me how great I am as a father.” 

Drake and son Adonis in matching suits

The Billboard-topping rapper then diverted from his relationship with his son and spoke of his private plane with four beds. The singer and the Tv host talked about the snacks on the plane, comparing their choice of snacks.




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