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G Flip Opens Up About Experience With Gender Disparity

G Flip has opened up about their gender journey.

The musician, who identifies as non-binary, did not hold back from speaking her truth about the challenges she faced on her road to self-discovery in a recent interview. As it turned out, they had been influenced to accept their real identity after an eye-opening discussion with a close pal.

G Flip Expected To Be Slammed For Their Involvement With Their Current Partner

Although they have built a thriving music career in Australia, G Flip earned more attention following their romance with and subsequent marriage to real estate agent Chrishell Stause. In case you missed it, they had been heavily criticized after “coming out” as a non-binary person in a relationship with a woman.

Addressing the “nice dosage” of the backlash, they received during a recent conversation with Abbie Chatfield on the newest episode of her podcast, “It’s A Lot,” the Australian star said:

“I knew the backlash was coming. Me and Chrishell knew that going in. We knew we were going to get heaps of hate, and I knew people were going to misgender me and tell me I’m a woman.”

When asked why people are stuck on referring to them as a woman, even when they are aware they are non-binary, the recording artist responded, “They just think “You have pu**y, you’re a woman,” I don’t know.”

G Flip Opens Up About Experience With Gender Disparity
Instagram | G Flip

Flip was then prompted to self-reflect on their “gender dysphoria” — the term used for someone who believes that their sense of “gender identity” differs from their biological sex when Chatfield asked about it. In their words:

“I feel like I’ve had gender dysphoria my whole entire life and not understood my gender. When I was a kid, I used to look at myself in the mirror and be like “what are you? You are a boy, but you are [a] girl. You’re a girl, but you have [a] boy[‘s] brain in you because you’re half a boy.”‘

Continuing their self-reflection, the “Bring Me Home” hitmaker stated that it was like “holy sh*t*” when they began “learning and being educated and educating myself on being non-binary.”

Since the admission caused Chatfield to wonder about the start of the learning process, she asked if Flip had seen someone in the media or if they knew someone who identified as non-binary.

To that, the “I Am Not Afraid” singer revealed that even though numerous people influenced them in the media, a discussion with a friend about pronouns altered their self-perception. Soon after that, Flip started using they/them pronouns in their inner circles. 

Once they felt comfortable enough to “tell the world,” they “put something on Instagram.” Ultimately, the “Drink Too Much” songstress believes that “sex and gender are different.” Explaining why they also identify as lesbian, they continued saying:

“My sex is still female and the people that I like, their sex is female as well.”

The ‘Waste Of Space’ Singer’s Wedding Day Was The Best Day Of Their Life

G Flip & Chrishell Stause Will Celebrate Their Wedding Anniversary By Doing It All Again... Every Year

Last month, The Blast reported that G Flip had gushed about their similarities with their partner. At the time, they had granted an interview, during which they expressed: 

“We actually are so much more similar than you would think. I feel like aesthetically she’s kind of like this beautiful Barbie and, you know, I’m always looking, however, I’m looking.”

Sharing the details of how their relationship with Stause progressed, they disclosed: 

“We just got to know each other. We just found we had so many things in common. She’s just awesome. She couldn’t come with me on this trip, but she’s coming with me for some of the Aussie shows. And she likes getting front row in the mosh. She ain’t standing on the side, you know?” 

G Flip and Stause had surprised fans when they broke the news of their romance last year, incredibly since Stause had previously dated only men. The “Selling Sunset” star was formerly married to “This Is Us” actor Justin Hartley and had just broken up with Jason Oppenheim before finding love with the non-binary artist.

They shocked people even more when they announced they had exchanged vows in an “untraditional” ceremony in Las Vegas in May. When asked if their decision to walk down the aisle was spontaneous or planned during an interview, G Flip replied:

“It wasn’t planned, as in we didn’t spend a year getting a list and getting it perfect, it was untraditional and quick, and it was the best day of my life.”




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