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James Gunn Finally Clarifies This Rumor About ‘Superman Legacy’

James Gunn has finally responded to rumors that he’s making a “young Superman movie.” The director said his focus for the new film isn’t on age but on showing an earlier part of Superman’s life. Many fans believed the rumors because Henry Cavill was replaced by a younger actor.

Gunn has also explained that “Superman: Legacy” focuses on Clark Kent’s early career. The new film will reportedly feature many popular DC superheroes, like Green Lantern and Hawkgirl. Gunn also recently cleared up another rumor that Ben Affleck has a cameo in “Blue Beetle.” 

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James Gunn Isn’t Making A ‘Young Superman’ Film

James Gunn Calls Out Fans' 'Disrespectful Outcry' Over Henry Cavill's Exit As Superman

James Gunn has explained that the “young Superman” rumors are false. He recently took to Threads to explain why he’s changed the Superman actor from Henry Cavill to David Corenswet. There have been claims that the director switched actors because he wanted a younger Superman.

On Threads, a fan asked Gunn if his upcoming “Young Superman movie” is set in the past. He responded, “I was never making a ‘young Superman’ movie, just a Superman movie!” Many Superman fans thought the director’s change was for a younger actor because of a Twitter post from December 2022.

His tweet was about the next Superman film, which will be Corenswet’s first appearance as the superhero. It read, “In the initial stages, our story will be focusing on an earlier part of Superman’s life, so the character will not be played by Henry Cavill.”

The New Superman Film Premieres In 2025

Rachel Brosnahan attends the amfAR Gala during the 74th Cannes Film Festival at Villa Eilenroc in Antibes, France, on 16 July 2021.

Gunn announced the changes to the Superman cast lineup in June this year. There were several options for the titular role, including Tom Brittney and Nicholas Hoult, but they eventually went with Corenswet. Another new face is Rachel Brosnahan, who plays the role of Lois Lane.

The next film, “Superman: Legacy,” is scheduled to premiere in July 2025 and probably begins filming by early 2024. Filming might start later than the scheduled date if the ongoing WGA strike is still on by year-end. The film will also feature popular Superman characters like Lex Luther and The Authority.

During an April interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gunn spoke about how much he relates to Superman and his story. He said, “I completely relate to Superman because he’s everything I am. He’s somebody who is an outsider who feels like an alien, but also the ultimate insider, because he’s fucking Superman. And that’s kind of like what I feel like.”

In the interview, Gunn explained that “Superman: Legacy” focuses on Clark Kent becoming a superhero star in Metropolis. It’ll show the early days of the Kryotinian and set up Corenswet’s character for further DCEU film appearances.

The Film Features Multiple DC Superheroes

James Gunn Calls Out Fans' 'Disrespectful Outcry' Over Henry Cavill's Exit As Superman

According to ScreenRant, “Superman: Legacy” will feature multiple popular DC superheroes. So far, Gunn has confirmed fans will see Guy Gardner/Green Lantern (played by Nathan Fillion), Mister Terrific (played by Edi Gathegi), and Hawkgirl (played by Isabela Merced).

Gunn has stated that the additional DC superheroes in the film are necessary to tell Superman’s story better. When fans expressed their worry that the extra characters might dim Superman’s light as the lead, the “Suicide Squad” director responded on Threads.

He wrote, “I don’t understand this fear. There are less characters than in 40-Year-Old Virgin. Did you think Steve Carell got enough time?”

James Gunn Clears Up Ben Affleck ‘Blue Beetle’ Rumor

James Gunn Calls Out Fans' 'Disrespectful Outcry' Over Henry Cavill's Exit As Superman

The younger Superman rumor isn’t the only rumor Gunn has cleared up recently. There were rumors that former Batman actor Ben Affleck had a “purely comedic” voice cameo in “Blue Beetle.” The “The Suicide Squad” director responded to a tweet about Affleck’s alleged cameo on X.

His comments read, “I’ve never heard of a Ben Affleck voice cameo in [BlueBeetle, nor has Peter [Safran], much less cut one.” Gunn added, “I never heard of one because one never existed (just asked the producers).” 

The film’s director, Angel Manuel Soto, has even said Gunn didn’t have input into “Blue Beetle.” He told GamesRadar+, “The studio always, generally, has their hands on it. As far as the essence of the story, [James Gunn and Peter Safran] liked what we were doing and they respected the vision and what we were trying to do with the film. “




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