HomeNewsMasaba Gupta's 'Easy Healthy Sunday Dinner' Will Give You Clean Eating Goals

Masaba Gupta’s ‘Easy Healthy Sunday Dinner’ Will Give You Clean Eating Goals

Masaba Gupta's 'Easy Healthy Sunday Dinner' Will Give You Clean Eating Goals

Masaba Gupta is all for healthy eating.

Whenever the weekend comes, all we can think about is enjoying a cheat meal and savouring some indulgent treats. There’s so much yummy food that we want to enjoy over the weekend, whether it’s a scrumptious pizza or a wholesome Indo-Chinese feast. But it seems that ace fashion designer Masaba Gupta skipped her weekend cheat meal and chose to indulge in a wholesome and healthy meal. The celebrity is very fond of her food but she understands that balancing health and taste is important. She shared a picture of a healthy Sunday dinner that she enjoyed that looked like the picture of good health and gave us clean healthy eating goals. Take a look:


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“Easy healthy Sunday dinner at home,” she wrote in the caption of the Instagram story she shared. In the picture that she posted, Masaba Gupta explained what exactly her Sunday meal was all about. There was Broccoli Brown rice paired with a yummy potato stir fry. In case you thought her meal was all about carbohydrates, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. Masaba Gupta also relished a crispy lemon-flavoured fish as well as some wholesome baked veggies to make the meal a fulfilling and balanced one.

This is not the only time we have caught a glimpse of Masaba Gupta’s cooking. She had previously let us into the yummy meal that she cooked at home featuring some scrumptious Italian treats. There was spaghetti pasta in pesto sauce, rigatoni in primavera sauce and lots more. Click here to read the full story.




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