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Bekah Martinez Poses Naked Showing Off Pregnant Belly

Former “Bachelor” star Bekah Martinez is currently pregnant with her third baby with fiancé Grayston Leonard.

As she inches closer to her due date, the “Bachelor” season 22 alum is sharing some steamy photos of herself showing off her pregnant belly.

Bekah Martinez’s Maternity Photoshoot

'Bachelor' Alum Bekah Martinez Poses Naked Showing Off Pregnant Belly
Instagram | Bekah Martinez

In a recent Instagram post, Martinez showed off her body as she is carrying her third baby. She posed naked while standing in a lake, while holding her baby and covering her chest.

“34 weeks with this one, 35 weeks with Franklin, 32 weeks with Ruth… boy or girl? I’ve been believing it’s a boy since the first positive pregnancy test but I love to be proven wrong 💫,” she captioned the post.

Fans immediately flooded the comment section, writing things such as “I feel like mama’s instinct is always correct so I’d say boy!!” and “Girl. But can we talk about how beautiful you are!”

A third chimed in, “You’re carrying super high, I’d guess girl! I had conflicting dreams until the end in which I had to save “my baby girl” from drowning during the titanic 😅 I knew she was a girl from that point on!”

While another follower expressed, “I feel boy . You’re glowingggg”.

As one of her followers chimed in, expressing their guess on the gender of the baby. “I’ve been thinking boy for you too,” they said before adding, “and I have always had a hunch in my pregnancies and I have yet to be proven wrong 🫠.”

Bekah Martinez Shows Off Belly In Bikini

'Bachelor' Alum Bekah Martinez Poses Naked Showing Off Pregnant Belly
Instagram | Bekah Martinez

In another photo, Martinez posed in a bikini, showing off her belly once again. She is holding a pineapple and wearing a beach hat, seemingly happy as can be.

Fans continued to comment on the post, expressing how happy they are for the “Bachelor” alum. “Beautiful!!! 😍😍 Based on comparing these pics, I’d say boy!,” one fan commented while another chimed in, “Those pictures are absolutely dreamy”.

Another Bachelor Nation fan chimed in with, “This is so gorgeous!! Pregnancy always suits you! I think it might be a girl!❤️” while one user wrote, “I think it’s a girl too but no matter healthy and safe is what’s important.. you got this … another beautiful baby on the way”.

After the “Bachelor” alum welcomed her second child, she took to social media to answer some of her fans’ questions, where she opened up about how being pregnant at the early stages of her relationship was “so f—ing hard.”

“Wanted to break up a million times. it sucked,” she wrote at the time, according to PEOPLE. “I felt guilty for wanting to end the pregnancy initially. i worried my child’s parents would hate each other. but we made it. and came out stronger than ever.”

She also commented on how back-to-back pregnancies wasn’t exactly planned, but how she is looking at the bright side of things.

“It’s nice to have *just* gone through the newborn stage and stuff last year because i feel used to it and prepared and i still have all the gear,” Martinez said. “And i’m hopeful they’ll be super close with each other as they grow up together only a year apart :)”




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