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Epic Games Store: Unveiling a Complete Compilation of Free Game Offered to Date

Since its start in 2018, the Epic Games Store has continuously released a number of free games. When a user makes an account on the platform, they have access to these significantly lowered titles for their collection for a limited time. As a result, the account holder has forever access to these games. While the Epic Games Store remains open to changing its release schedule, it presently follows a pattern of releasing a new free game every week, usually on Thursdays. Epic Games Store: Unveiling a Complete Compilation of Free Game Offered to Date

Epic Games Store’s Diverse Game Library

The variety of the Epic Games Store’s game catalogue has allowed it to engage a bigger audience. Notably, the introduction of free “Mystery Games” during Epic Games Store Mega Sales has created a lot of buzz. This excitement is well-deserved, given how frequently these interesting titles become huge hits. NBA 2K21 will be released in 2021, and Grand Theft Auto 5 will be released in 2020. Furthermore, the variety of free titles available on the Epic titles Store each month creates significant anticipation. This monthly offer frequently includes some of the platform’s the most interesting games.

Epic Games Store’s Free Offerings

Curious about the entire roster of free games that have graced the Epic Games Store since 2018? Wondering what’s currently available in 2023?

Black Book & Dodo Peak

Currently, the Epic Games Store has brought forth two lesser-known titles that may not be immediately recognisable to the general audience for the penultimate selection of complementary games in August 2023. Among these two titles, Black Book appears to be the more appealing alternative. This roguelike game features an inventive card system that adds a unique element to the gameplay. While the concept is not completely novel, Black Book separates itself with its unique setting, grabbing plot, and outstanding visual style. Although not groundbreaking, Black Book has a particular appeal that will capture both deck-building lovers and fans of witch-themed content.


Originally introduced as an Apple Arcade exclusive, Dodo Peak is a platform-adventure game that thrusts players into the role of guiding the titular dodo across a series of levels fraught with adversaries and eggs in need of rescue. The gameplay is straightforward yet effective, making Dodo Peak an excellent choice for brief gaming sessions between more extensive projects.

The Epic Games Store has firmly established itself as a prominent destination for both dedicated gamers and casual players alike by regularly supplying a varied choice of gratis titles and generating anticipation through Mystery Games and monthly prizes. The platform’s commitment to providing an interesting and ever-expanding experience for its user base is reflected in the platform’s developing range of free games.

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