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Pokémon fans want a new game, but another important feature must come first

If you’ve ever finished a Pokémon game and the Pokédex, you might have been scared to resume the game since, unless you stored all of your Pokémon safely in Pokémon HOME, you’d essentially lose all of your hard work and all of the Pokémon you gathered. If you’ve ever thought that, you’re not alone. To make it all possible, many fans are requesting a New Game + mode in addition to yet another useful feature.

Once a player completes the game, they can use the New Game + option, which is a frequent mode in games. They can start the game over from scratch while saving some of the equipment or advantages they obtained during their first playtime, so they won’t be starting with anything.

Pokémon fans want a new game, but another important feature must come first:

You probably wouldn’t feel as awful about starting over to play the Pokémon games’ adventures if they featured a New Game Plus mode. According to a thread on Reddit from August 20, it would promote numerous plays.

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Unfortunately, several save slots would be required, which hasn’t changed in the nine generations of the Pokémon franchise. If we ever receive more than one save spot, people are still imagining what a Pokémon New Game + mode will look like. Fans would want to see uncommon items like the Shiny Charm, which is often only received after completing the Pokédex, carried over in a hypothetical New Game Plus option. That way, investing all that time in finding every Pokémon in the game wouldn’t seem like a waste.

Also, if you developed attached to your earlier Pokémon captures, it would be good to use them again. Those Pokémon could have their levels decreased while keeping the rest of their characteristics, such as their Nature, EVs, and IVs, in a New Game Plus to make it balanced and tough. With the Shiny Pokémon, you captured in the postgame the previous time around, perhaps this will be your chance to defeat all of the gyms and win the title.

To top it off, some players want a harder difficulty setting in the New Game + mode, like the Challenge Mode in Black 2 and White 2. A harsher New Game + mode might be just what players who think the battles are too simple to need to satisfy their yearning for more intimate combat and intelligent AI. Of course, none of this will be possible until future games provide more save slots, and as of right now, it’s not obvious if or when that will happen.

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