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Crunchyroll has added My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Anime film In India

Crunchyroll has added “My Hero Academia: Two Heroes,” the first anime film in the acclaimed My Hero Academia franchise, to their content collection in India. The film became available on the streaming service in India on Friday. Audiences can watch the film with original Japanese audio and English subtitles, as well as watch it dubbed in English.

Expanding Accessibility: Not Just India, but Across the Globe

Crunchyroll’s expanding services aren’t confined to India. In addition to the Indian premiere, the streaming site has released the film in a number of other countries. The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, numerous Nordic countries, and the Caribbean are among them.

A Record-Breaking Start in Japan

“My Hero Academia: Two Heroes” initially premiered in Japan in August 2018. The film’s opening weekend was marked by an impressive achievement, as it gained a remarkable 500,320,000 yen (equivalent to approximately US$4.49 million) in its first three days, securing the #4 position at the box office during its debut. Subsequently, the film continued its successful run, accumulating a staggering total of more than 1.64 billion yen (around US$14.47 million) in Japanese box office earnings.

World Premiere and Red Carpet Debut

The film’s anticipation and excitement had been increased by a world premiere event organised by Funimation and TOHO at Anime Expo in July 2018. The premiere included English subtitles, allowing global fans to enjoy the film’s beauty. This was followed by a red carpet premiere of the English-dubbed version of the picture in September of the same year in Los Angeles.

My Hero Academia Film Synopsis

As the climactic finals at U.A. come to a close, the story becomes thicker, which setting the stage for the summer training camp. Deku and All Might, the protagonists, receive an exciting offer to travel overseas to I-Island, a massive artificial city. This technical marvel, dubbed “science Hollywood,” provides as a meeting place for the world’s top scientists, showcasing their breakthroughs in quirk and hero equipment development. During this time, Deku meets Melissa, a girl who lacks Quirks, forcing him to ponder on his own Quirkless background. Surprisingly, the island’s powerful security system is breached by malicious hackers, resulting in the kidnapping of all people. Thus begins a scheme that has the potential to shake the foundations of hero society. At the center of it all stands the venerable Symbol of Peace and number one hero, All Might.

The Creative Minds Behind the Film

The creative minds responsible for the film’s conception include original manga creator Kōhei Horikoshi, who contributed to the project as the chief supervisor, character designer, and originator of the source material. The film saw the return of notable personnel such as director Kenji Nagasaki from BONES, scriptwriter Yousuke Kuroda, character designer Yoshihiko Umakoshi, and composer Yuki Hayashi. The distribution of the film within Japan was handled by TOHO. The movie’s captivating theme song, “Long Hope Philia,” was performed by Masaki Suda, while Hiromu Akita of amazarashi penned the lyrics and composed the piece.

Unique Bonus: “All Might Rising” Manga

Horikoshi designed a special one-shot manga named “All Might Rising” for the lucky first million moviegoers in Japan, which was only available in the “Vol. Origin” book. The 10-page manga was then made accessible in English for free on Viz Media’s official website, introducing worldwide fans to the franchise’s depth.

My Hero Academia Universe

Following the success of “My Hero Academia: Two Heroes,” the franchise welcomed its second film, “My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising,” which debuted in Japan in December 2019. The momentum continued with “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE: World Heroes’ Mission,” premiering in Japan in August 2021, and later in the United States in October 2021. The ongoing success of the franchise culminated in the announcement of a fourth film, ensuring that the captivating world of My Hero Academia will continue to enthrall audiences worldwide.

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