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Julianna Peña calls Mayra Bueno Silva a “Cheat” after failed drug test

Julianna Peña is a prominent figure in the women’s bantamweight division of the UFC. She is making her stance clear regarding Mayra Bueno Silva’s recent failed drug test. Regardless of the reasoning provided by Bueno Silva. Peña firmly believes that the Brazilian fighter is a “cheat” and shouldn’t be given the benefit of the doubt.

Bueno Silva recently disclosed that she tested positive for a banned substance prior to her submission victory over Holly Holm in July. She explained that the positive result was due to her use of ADHD medication and not an attempt to gain a performance-enhancing advantage. While the final decision on the consequences of the failed drug test is pending. It’s likely that Bueno Silva’s win over Holm will be overturned and she may face a suspension.

Peña didn’t hold back in expressing her opinion about the situation. Taking to social media, she cast judgment on Bueno Silva, asserting her belief that Bueno Silva’s actions make her unfit for opportunities in the women’s bantamweight division.

Julianna Peña calls Mayra Bueno Silva a “Cheat” after failed drug test

Peña and Bueno Silva were both contenders for the vacant 135-pound belt following Amanda Nunes’ retirement from MMA in June. Peña’s candid commentary on the situation indicates that she believes Bueno Silva’s failed drug test has disqualified her from being considered for the title shot.

Peña’s strong stance reflects her commitment to fair competition and the integrity of the sport. Her willingness to speak out against alleged cheaters sends a clear message that she believes in a level playing field and values the reputation of the women’s bantamweight division.

While Bueno Silva’s explanation provides some context for her failed drug test. Peña’s reaction highlights the broader issue of doping in combat sports. The use of banned substances not only compromises the fairness of the competition but also tarnishes the reputation of the fighters involved.

The UFC continues to navigate the aftermath of Bueno Silva’s failed drug test. The question of accountability and appropriate consequences will remain a central topic of discussion. Peña’s public statements add her voice to the chorus of those who demand transparency and accountability when it comes to drug testing in professional mixed martial arts.

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