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Paul Heyman locked Big Show out in Alaska wilderness for releasing ‘titan of all titan farts’

With a name like the Big Show, it stands to reason that you’d be able to unleash big farts – which is something Paul Wight can attest to.

But the AEW legend once needed to get treatment for a herniated disc that resulted in him stinking up the entire State of Alaska.


Wight opened up about his storied career on talkSPORTCredit: talkSPORT

Wight is still one of wrestling’s biggest names and opened up on his astonishing 18,000-a-day diet which saw him tip the scales at 220kg.

It was during this time that he was regularly wrestling former WWE champion Brock Lesnar in an intense feud that led to manager Paul Heyman betraying him to help Wight capture the title.

During an exclusive interview with talkSPORT, Wight revealed the pair are close in real life and Lesnar was often playing pranks on him.

The most infamous involved him actually making Wight soil himself in the ring during a WWE house show in South Africa.

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But the man himself has admitted that ordeal wasn’t even the worst smelling moment in his life.

That honour instead goes to the time Wight fumigated a deserted shopping centre in Alaska after an almighty windbreak.

He explained to talkSPORT: “I was working Lesnar and my L4 and L5 were herniated, my disc in the back but we were struggling through it and one of the problems with that lower back getting locked up is it’s really easy to become constipated.

“So we’re on tour and we had done San Francisco, then we were doing Alaska, and then we were going to Hong Kong, then we were going to Malaysia, then we were going to Australia.

Wight and Heyman were once a formidable team


Wight and Heyman were once a formidable teamCredit: WWE

“The travelling and not much sleep – it’s not as fancy as everyone thinks like they sit at home and they watch TV like, “oh that’s the good life.

“People don’t understand the amount of hours that pro wrestlers put in travelling to get somewhere where it’s a hundred miles a night after a show to get to the next town or hours of flying. Sometimes you’ll be up 30 hours before you get the chance to get some sleep.

“So we got to Alaska and I’d got adjusted by a really good chiropractor and when I went outside it was the titan of all titan farts.

“Luckily it was an empty outdoor shopping mall, I’d come in one day when it was closed and it was empty and it was pristine – Alaska wilderness.

“There was snow on the ground and I managed to fumigate about a hundred square yards to the point where Paul Heyman went back into the chiropractor place and locked the doors and wouldn’t let me in.”

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