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Taylor Swift’s Lyrics Have A Lasting Legacy On Social Media!

‘Swifties’ often make Taylor Swift lyrics “come back stronger than a 90’s trend” on X!

Taylor Swift Folklore dress featured image

The 33-year-old pop star is one of the biggest musicians of the modern era. Amid the seemingly never-ending string of news regarding the “You’re Losing Me” singer, her fans frequently keep a spot for her lyrics on the trending charts of X.

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour can be seen from space!

It’s also common for Swifties to have discussions dissecting Swift’s countless lyrical compositions!

The eighth month of the year has seemingly been claimed by the lyrics to “august” from her first of two albums from 2020, “folklore”, in online spaces. When Ticketmaster’s handling of massive traffic amid the ‘Eras Tour’ began dominating news outlets last winter, many US congress members quoted Swift’s lyrics after multiple lawsuits were filed.

Lyric bot” accounts dedicated to the “You Belong With Me” singer’s vast lyrical library are also common finds on X (formerly Twitter).


Swifties are also commonly chatting about their favorite lyrical compositions in general. Let’s take a look at the legacy of Swift’s songwriting skills on X!

‘Swifties’ Commonly Relate Swift’s Lyrics To Their Own Lives!

Generalized discussions about Swift’s lyrics seemingly serve as the undercurrent of discussions regarding the “False God” singer on X.

‘i pictured you with other girls in love then threw up on the street’ is taylor swift’s realest lyric,” one Swiftie posted, referring to the bonus “Midnights” track “You’re Losing Me.”

“babe, are you okay? you’ve been retweeting a lot of sad taylor swift lyrics x,” another Swiftie posted!


“the girlhood lyrics tiktoks of girls at taylor swift concerts when she has an actual lyrics that says ‘give me back my girlhood it was my first,” another Swiftie posted, regarding the “Midnights” track “Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve.”
“the most realistic taylor swift lyric has to be “i hit my peak at seven’,” a Swiftie wrote, referring to the “folklore’ track “seven.”


“my brain is basically all taylor swift lyrics at this point,” another Swiftie posted, echoing perhaps one of the most universally relatable thoughts of her fanbase.

‘Swifties’ Frequently Commemorate The Month Of August

Swift’s “august” from “folklore” discusses the month of August going by extremely fast while the narrator is engulfed in the feeling of a not-so-official summer romance. No matter the point during the month, Swifties can be found posting its lyrics or posting relatable content!

Taylor Swift sits on top of a roof on an enchanted house in a flowing purple dress as she performs in moss during her 1st night of her worldwide tour in Arizona

“girls don’t want boyfriends girls want taylor swift to run towards them during the bridge of august,” one Swiftie posted.

“I just know Taylor Swift is so happy with herself right now that august has a cat trend rn. I just KNOW she is scrolling through that sound just giggling with pure delight,” a Swiftie predicted.


A Swiftie quote-posted a fellow Swiftie’s post reading “why is august going by so fast??” with the response, ‘Because Taylor Swift said ‘august slipped away into a moment in time’ and ‘august slipped away like a bottle of wine.”

“august by ms taylor swift has a special place in my heart ngl,” a Swiftie chimed in.

“I think we can all thank taylor swift for giving us a boost of serotonin every time we listen to the august bridge,” another posted.

“my entire fyp page on tiktok is people spinning their pets around to Taylor swift’s august it’s perfect,” a fan pointed out!


It’s also extremely common to see multiple Swift tracks trending at the same time; as of this writing, “Karma” and “You’re Losing Me” are both trending!




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