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Whitney Cummings Teases OnlyFans Plans With Bump Pic

Whitney Cummings is relishing being pregnant and feeling sexy and wants to use it to make some money!

The stand-up comedian, who announced on Instagram that she was expecting her first child with a series of photos, seems to be enjoying her pregnancy journey and has continually updated fans on her progress.

Following the reveal of her baby’s gender on June 27, Cummings recently disclosed her intentions to share explicit snapshots with interested followers.

Pregnant Whitney Cummings Teases Fans With A Thirst Trap Photo

As an assertive and adventurous comedian, Cummings learned to be resilient and take risks in her career. So it is no surprise that she didn’t shy away from sharing an unclad pregnancy photo.

Whitney Cummings shares pregnancy news

As seen in the image shared on her Instagram Story, the ”2 Broke Girls” actress bore it all and flaunted her baby bump, wearing only nude lacy panties and a two-piece gold necklace. Taking the daring mirror selfie in her cozy brown-colored bathroom, the expectant mom used both hands to cover her nipples, displaying her side and underboobs. 

Cummings decided to rock her natural face and packed her black tresses into a high messy bun. Meanwhile, her glowing skin shone through the mirror. Revealing her plans to her 1.4 million followers in a highlighted caption, she wrote, ”Only putting cute prego pix on my only fans bc y’all are too wild on the other sites.”

Previously addressing her fans on her Instagram Story a month ago, the ”Studio 666” actress complained about her inability to fit into her clothes anymore. Cummings uploaded a video to detail her struggle while attempting to wear a denim jumpsuit in the 55 seconds clip.

The expectant mom looked beautiful, donning a chic outfit from Khloe Kardashian’s clothing brand, ”Good American.” She accessorized the fit by wearing a two-piece gold necklace.

However, Cummings failed at zipping up the ensemble due to her bulging stomach, which got in the way. She expressed her frustration to her followers in the comfort of her bedroom. Keeping her looks simple, Cummings packed her hair in a loose bun and did not put on any makeup.

Speaking to her followers while attempting to zip the jumpsuit, she remarked, ”Like three days ago, I could zip this. And now I feel like I’m gonna circumcise the baby by accident.” She continued, ”Are you allowed to suck in when pregnant? This is so stupid. I mean, ‘Good American,’ bless your heart, I love this.”

After ”The Female Brain” actress realized that she would have to forfeit the attire, she added, ”It is so dumb guys. This makes no sense. This is a barbaric practice. I don’t know how we…,” leaving her sentence incomplete.

Whitney Cummings teases OnlyFans plans with nude pregnancy pics

For her concluding message, she gently slapped her tummy and stated, ”Oh look at that, is that baby? No. He is in there somewhere. I think he is down here further. I think I just gave him tennis. Let me go and handle that.” Adding a caption over the post, Cummings penned, ”@goodamerican I’m gonna need a bigger size,” alongside a melting face emoji.

The Expectant Mom Requested Baby Names From Fans

Since breaking the shocking news of her pregnancy in June, the stand-up comic has kept fans updated throughout the journey. Such was the case when she resorted to asking for name recommendations for her child.

Fans may recall that Cummings announced that she was pregnant with a boy through a grainy black and white sonogram image uploaded on her Instagram while making a request. The caption read, ”My favorite pic of my baby face so far. This just in: it’s a BOY. Help me name this monster. Rusty? Dusty? Bill?”

As anticipated, colleagues of the comedian and her loyal fans trooped to the comments section to drop their suggestions. Colleague Tiffany Haddish recommended her name for the unborn baby, writing, ”I think you should name him Haddish means new.” 

On the other hand, January Jones gave a list of names she came up with before but never used. She penned, ”Some names on my list that I didn’t end up using but are good contenders: Isosceles, Bloodrayne, Felix Jr., Eminem.”

One fan proposed, ”Maybe Rusty Dusty Bill,” while another exclaimed, ”Bill, Obviously!” A third follower agreed, writing, ”He’s so cute! He definitely looks like a Bill.”

Another fan suggested, ”Rocco is a great name, lol.” Meanwhile, a fifth commenter added, ”Name him Kim.” One fan wrote, ”Silving Cummings,” before another claimed the baby was obviously Stitch, from the animation ”Lilo & Stitch.”




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