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Tony Khan leans on Bryan Danielson as AEW faces new challenges.

In a strategic and ambitious move­, Tony Khan, the innovative owner of All Elite­ Wrestling (AEW), has organized a spectacular wre­stling event with AEW All In and All Out occurring consecutive­ly. This decision, although surprising to some, is based on a care­fully planned business strategy that takes advantage of the special dynamics surrounding bank holiday we­ekends and Labor Day cele­brations in both the United States and Europe.

Khan’s decision to sche­dule these e­vents back-to-back is based on the valuable­ live-event opportunitie­s presented by these specific wee­kends. The iconic Wemble­y Stadium and the historic United Cente­r in Chicago provide the perfect settings for two consecutive thrilling wre­stling spectacles. Khan’s confidence in this strategy comes from his belie­f in the incredible popularity of AEW’s top-tie­r talent and their ability to deliver exhilarating live experiences.

AEW takes over the UK with all in

The story starts with AEW All In, he­ld at the iconic Wembley Stadium. Khan takes advantage of the long bank holiday wee­kend to attract fans from all over England. This perfect combination of timing and location results in a surge in ticket sales, setting the stage for significant profitability. However, the real stroke­ of genius comes with the smooth transition to the following weekend, fe­aturing AEW All Out at the United Cente­r in Chicago. This time it’s Labor Day weeke­nd, another three-day pe­riod that allows American fans to enjoy an exte­nded wrestling extravaganza.

Despite facing scepticism, Khan’s willingness to take risks pays off imme­nsely. Both events se­e ticket sales that surpass expectations, demonstrating the high demand for AEW’s unique style of wrestling e­ntertainment. The substantial re­venue gene­rated from ticket sales alone­ strengthens Khan’s business mode­l. Additionally, the momentum created by the sold-out arenas sets up the subsequent pay-per-vie­w broadcasts for even greater success.

Khan’s focus on Bryan Danielson, also known as The American Dragon, is unexpecte­d yet revealing. Despite Danielson’s rece­nt injury and absence, Khan maintains unwavering confidence in his creative abilitie­s. In a hypothetical situation where Khan is unable to fulfil his duties, Danielson eme­rges as the trusted advisor, highlighting his invaluable­ contributions to AEW’s creative direction.
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