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Gabby Windey Reacts To Resurfaced Jenna Johnson ‘DWTS’ Clip

Gabby Windey recently went onto “The View” and announced that she is gay and is currently in a relationship with her girlfriend Robby Hoffman.

After the news broke, fans have been extremely supportive of the former “Bachelorette” lead, expressing their love and gratitude for Windey.

One fan remembers the time Windey was on “Dancing With the Stars” where her partner, Maks Chekanovskiy brought in his wife, Jenna Johnson, to help teach a dance.

Gabby Windey and Jenna Johnson On ‘DWTS’

Gabby Windey Reacts To Resurfaced Jenna Johnson 'DWTS' Clip
TikTok | @ajakusovszky

When competing on this past season of “Dancing With the Stars”, Gabby Windey had a moment with Jenna Johnson, who was trying to teach the former “Bachelorette” star how to show passion in the dance.

“Rumba’s a really hard dance. Technically, but also emotionally,” Johnson said in a pre-taped package during the Monday, October 24, episode. “You truly have to step into this story and portray it or else it’s gonna fall flat.”

Johnson then went on to show Windey how to be convincingly romantic with her husband, Maks Chekanovskiy, in which she then pretended to be Windey’s dance partner and grabbed her face romantically where their lips were nearly touching.

Now, weeks after Windey has come out, a fan is resharing this clip of her and Johnson, saying “Gabby after this moment on DWTS s31”.

@ajakusovszky My best content to date #dwts31 #gabbywindey #switchingsides ♬ Switching sides – Mr. America

Windey, herself, came across the TikTok, and found it to be hilarious. “Dying!!!,” Windey commented on the video.

Other fans commented on the video as well, with one user writing, “I’d probably switch sides for Jenna too!😍” Another expressed, “The power of Jenna Johnson 🤩🤩”.

Gabby Windey Talks New Relationship

Gabby Windey and her gf

After announcing her new relationship on “The View” earlier this month, Gabby Windey also took to Instagram to share more surrounding her new relationship with her girlfriend Robby Hoffman.

“Hi, you guys,” she began to say in her video on her Stories, “Lots to say, honestly, and it’s hard to get it out all right now. But I know everyone’s really curious about who I’ve been dating, and thank you,” Windey continues. “You know I love to like, stir the pot and tease, but I did want to wait until I was ready,” she went on.

The former “Bachelorette” continued, “Because it is a larger conversation. Because I’m dating a girl,” she happily announces. “It’s been, honestly, truly, like, really the best experience over these last three months, and I’ve been in a relationship I feel like I never have before. But I wanted to tell you guys, because I always just want to live my life honestly and have you all along with me,” she said.

While on “The View”, Windey opened up, announcing, “I always just want to live my truth, and my story and so I have been seeing someone for a couple months, and I’ve been keeping it a little more private because it is like a bigger story and a bigger conversation, because I’m dating a girl!”

Windey and Hoffman are still together and look extremely happy.




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