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New divisions and “flawless” rewards will be offered by Premier when it launches in VALORANT this month

Following successful testing phases, the in-game seasonal tournament system will finally launch in its entirety to kick off VALORANT Episode Seven, Act Two, Riot Games said today. The system will also receive a number of significant changes. By the end of 2024, Riot is also positioning VALORANT Premier to be the exclusive route into Challengers.


When the game is fully launched, the division distribution will be reduced from 20 numbered divisions per region to five categories: Open, Intermediate, Advanced, Elite, and Contender (listed in order of difficulty). If you need more information about New divisions and “flawless” rewards that will be offered by Premier when it launches in VALORANT this month, then read carefully, and don’t forget to share with your friends.

New divisions and “flawless” rewards will be offered by Premier when it launches in VALORANT this month:

To begin the newly lauded path to the pro system, players must first reach Contender. Players competing in Challengers in 2024 will have to meet this requirement. In the long run, Contender playoffs will function as a sort of promotion event for Challengers, which means that the route to Challengers and potential VCT prospects will all go through Premier as Riot envisioned.

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A new reward called Crests, which function as trophies that represent your best accomplishments in a particular season, will be available to players in addition to pride and glory.

Riot is particularly interested to see who will be the first to obtain the Flawless Crest, which is given to members of teams that play and triumph in every match that can be played during a season (two per week for the entire seven-week period) as well as every match in the playoffs.

Additionally, when Premier is released, it will have a ton of new features. Players will be able to receive real-time information on matches taking place during the playoffs, and all player progress and records will be monitored from the game’s launch forward. Players will have access to practice matches within Premier so they can get ready for the following week, but the whole seven-map pool, including the returning Breeze and the rumored Sunset map, will be playable.

Competitive VALORANT teams will need to score 675 points to gain a spot in the end-of-season playoff bracket thanks to lengthier seasons and more playable maps. On August 29, Premier will debut along with VALORANT Episode Seven, Act 2.

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