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One Dota 2 hero is a powerhouse in every role thanks to his versatility

One of the more adaptable heroes in Dota 2 has always been Nature’s Prophet, but after receiving upgrades in the most recent two patches, his adaptability has made him an absolute beast in every role. This week, the unique hero has a victory percentage of 54 percent as an offlaner, 56.8 as hard support, and 57.6 as soft support in high-level encounters. This increases his win record across all jobs to 57 percent, according to D2PT, demonstrating his versatility.


His effectiveness has also been noticed by professional athletes. The International 2023 Regional Qualifiers have already resulted in 88 bans for Nature’s Prophet, and on the 16 occasions that he has survived, his team has won 62.58 percent of the matches. In Dota 2 professional play, he has been chosen for every role.

One Dota 2 hero is a powerhouse in every role thanks to his versatility:

This improvement was made possible by upgrades to Teleportation, Wrath of Nature, which now hits harder and has a wider attack range, and Sprout, which now deals a modest amount of damage to all foes within range.

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The meta is perfectly suited to the playstyle and map presence of Nature’s Prophet. Due to his early damage output, he may out-damage opponents in lanes. He can also use Teleportation to assist teammates, gank opponents, or engage in rune-contesting anyplace. Finally, he has Wrath of Nature, which he can use to push lanes and deliver damage to enemies with a single button.

Starting with Power Treads and Medallion of Courage into Solar Crest, the ideal build-in support roles. After that, it can be divided into Rod of Atos, Spirit Vessel, or Orchid Malevolence. Both Aghanim’s Shard and Scepter are essential at some stage. Scythe of Vyse is a respectable card to end the game on if it is within a player’s means.

The basic build is comparable, with the exception of Blade Mail, which may be substituted for either Solar Crest or Spirit Vessel (but only one of them), Rod of Atos, and Maelstrom, which can be used in place of Gleipnir, Black King Bar, and Assault Cuirass. There is a lot of potential for creativity and strategy in Dota 2 builds, and what works in one circumstance won’t necessarily work as well in another.

However, compared to other heroes at the present, Nature’s Prophet checks more criteria. In support roles, it’s on par with Witch Doctor and Vengeful Spirit, and it’s developing up to be one of the greatest carries.

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