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Victoria Fuller Gets Sun Poisoning While On Vacation

“Bachelor” and “Bachelor In Paradise” alum Victoria Fuller is currently vacationing with her boyfriend, Greg Grippo, in Italy and is sharing some photos from her time in the beautiful country.

Unfortunately, she got sun poisoning while lying out on the beach.

Victoria Fuller Enjoys The Sun

Victoria Fuller Gets Sun Poisoning While On Vacation: See The Pics
Instagram | Victoria Fuller

Victoria Fuller took to Instagram to share a steamy photo of herself in a black bikini, showing off her abs and assets while on vacation with her boyfriend, Greg Grippo.

The “Bachelor In Paradise alum captioned the post, “swipe to see the progression of me getting sun poisoning🫠”.

Victoria Fuller Gets Sun Poisoning

Victoria Fuller Gets Sun Poisoning While On Vacation: See The Pics
Instagram | Victoria Fuller

In another photo, Fuller looks as though she is in extreme pain as her body is much more red than the first photo and you can see tears forming in her eyes.

Fans commented on the post writing things such as “Victoria went to Italy & got sun poisoning so I went to Italy & got Sun poisoning” and “sun poisoning but make it hot 🥵”.

Another called Fuller a “bronzed a goddess”.

Jill Chin, who appeared on “Bachelor In Paradise” alongside Fuller, commented, “Little Caesars hot and ready,” while another expressed that Fuller was “An Italian goddess”.

And Aaron Clancy, who dated Fuller’s close friend Genevieve Parisi on “Bachelor In Paradise”, wrote, “Why y’all look so tan n glazed up”.

SheIs Dating Greg Grippo

'Bachelor' Alum Victoria Fuller Stuns In Orange Bikini In Italy
Instagram | Victoria Fuller

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo first crossed paths at Governor’s Ball in New York City in 2021. Fuller went on to “Bachelor In Paradise” where she dated Johnny DePhillipo, even getting engaged in the end. DePhillipo claimed that Grippo and Fuller had a “thing” pre-Paradise, noting that she opened up about her and Grippo’s relationship whilee on the beach, which was not shown on camera. She later admitted she, at one point, asked Grippo if he was going on the show.

Fuller and DePhillipo got engaged on “Bachelor In Paradise”, which wrapped by early July, however it didn’t premiere until September.

According to Fuller, she and DePhillipo split within three weeks of leaving the show. ”There was a possibility for us to potentially work toward something. Breakups are confusing, right? I mean we all know that. I’d be crazy to say that I cut off communication completely,” she later explained to Us Weekly. “We ended our engagement three weeks after and then shortly after that we were completely done.”

On the flip side, DePhillipo, says he and Fuller didn’t “officially” broke up until mid-September. On Nick Viall’s podcast, Fuller admitted that she reached out to Grippo again in late September, but it wasn’t until after her third and final split from DePhillipo. Grippo then visited Fuller in Nashville.

Grippo admits that their relationship did not start off on the right foot, but the two share a mutual love for one another and want to explore their relationship. “We know. We’re not delusional, it’s not the best way to start a relationship,” Grippo told Viall on his podcast. “And that was hard. … Honestly, it was weird hiding out.”

Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller officially went exclusive on Halloween of last year.




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