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Dua Lipa Talks Plans For Motherhood After Turning 28

Dua Lipa is not planning on welcoming babies anytime soon! The sensational songstress recently shared her thoughts on motherhood amid her blossoming relationship with the sexy director Romain Gavras.

The entertainer, who hails from Albanian descent, started her successful career as a model before dominating the music scene with her mezzo-soprano vocals. At 28, the media personality is among the 21st century’s most celebrated artists.

Although her decade-long career is relatively young compared to other popstars, the Londoner’s influence on the industry is indisputable. Given her mounting achievements, it is understandable for the “New Rules” hitmaker to prioritize music over creating a family.

The Only Baby Dua Lipa Plans On Making Is Her Next Album

Gone are the days when women were expected to become wives and nurture the next generation. While these goals are not dreadful, they do not appeal to the Bravo Otto nominee at this stage of her life.

Dua Lipa flaunts abs in Vampire-inspired Photo

In the cover story for Vogue France published on August 24, the “Levitating” artist addressed the possibility of becoming a mother soon. The 28-year-old declared, “Family is so precious,” while raving about her close bonds with her parents and grandparents.

Although she enjoyed these familial ties, the Versace’s Spring/Summer 2022 runway star clarified that she was not ready to embrace that stage of life. “Hmm, maybe. But nothing’s planned! The only baby I’m thinking about is my new album,” the entertainer replied when asked if she wanted children.

The interviewer noted that the expectation of women to become mothers had significantly decreased compared to the past. “Maybe because the world has become too dangerous and the future seems too bleak?” The Vogue France rep wondered, prompting Dua Lipa to share her thoughts.

The “One Kiss” chart-topper agreed the new age had changed several aspects of women’s lives, claiming the “modern world is crazy.” Nonetheless, the entertainer believed it was a positive development given the freedom women have today.

“I think that women have acquired a place in society that was forbidden before. And yet, has the desire to have children disappeared? I think women want to do things at their own pace and not feel guilty for thinking of themselves,” the media personality explained.

Reaffirming her stance on not having children soon, the Bambi Award recipient added: “For me, when the moment is right, I will know. But, until then, I have other priorities. I want to continue making the most of my youth.”

The model’s revelation came days after the “Barbie” actress celebrated her 28th birthday in style. The Albanian beauty marked her completed trip around the sun with a carousel of stunning images on her Instagram page.

Dua Lipa parties into 28th year in Gucci bikini top
Instagram | Dua Lipa

In the snaps, the songstress flaunted her envious curves in a skimpy Gucci bikini top that gave fans a generous view of her bosom. She matched the sexy outfit with a sheer red shrug, matching oversized red shades, and bedazzled high-waisted purple trousers.

The birthday girl accessorized with a chunky choker with several sea-creature charms and multiple pearl necklaces. Additionally, she rocked pearl earrings and completed the chic look with a dainty silver handbag. “Raving into my 28th year ~ Thank you for the birthday wishes~” the Évian mineral water brand ambassador captioned the post.

The Glamour Award Honoree Marked Her Boyfriend’s 42nd Birthday With A PDA Snap

A month before announcing her disinterest in having babies at 28, the pop star celebrated her lover’s new age with an adorable picture of the pair. Taking to her Instagram page, the three-time Grammy winner shared an image of the duo walking with their arms wrapped around each other.

Although the lovebirds had their backs facing the camera, it would not be surprising if they both wore bright smiles, given their body gestures. The pair appeared to be heading out for a casual affair, with Dua Lipa wearing a mini black-and-white polka dot dress and black stilettos.

Dua Lipa and boyfriend Romain Gavras

Meanwhile, the celebrant donned an off-white shirt and matching white jeans with a baseball cap and sneakers. “Joyeux anniversaireeeee bébé,” the media personality captioned the sweet snap in French, translating to “Happy Birthday baby.”

The “La Vacanza” fashion collection co-creator’s wishes to Gavras came months after the lovebirds made their red carpet debut. The couple stepped out in matching black ensembles at the Cannes Film Festival in May, flaunting their blossoming romance for all to see.




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