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Seth Rollins pays homage to Bray Wyatt at a WWE house show

At a recent WWE house show in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Seth Rollins delivered a touching tribute to the late Windham “Bray Wyatt” Rotunda and his enduring impact on the wrestling world. Despite missing the SmackDown tribute show due to prior commitments, Rollins made sure to honor his friend and colleague in a heartfelt way during his main event match against Finn Bálor.

While Seth Rollins couldn’t attend the tribute show on SmackDown, he embodied the spirit of “the show must go on” at the WWE house show in Cape Girardeau. He showcased his commitment to the wrestling world’s ethos by delivering a memorable performance that paid homage to Bray Wyatt’s legacy.

During his main event match against Finn Bálor, Seth Rollins incorporated several of Bray Wyatt’s signature moves and spots, including the spider walk and the Mandible Claw. He seamlessly blended these elements into his own wrestling style, demonstrating the profound influence that Wyatt had on his fellow performers.

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Seth Rollins was heartfelt

In a poignant gesture, Rollins requested the house lights to be dimmed, allowing the “fireflies” – fans’ cell phone lights – to create a mesmerizing scene reminiscent of Wyatt’s entrances. The emotional atmosphere was further heightened as fans joined in singing “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands,” a tribute to Wyatt’s memorable moments.

Seth Rollins shared a personal connection with the fans, revealing that even before Bray Wyatt’s tragic passing at the age of 36, the sight of phone lights during his entrance reminded him of his friend. This small yet powerful detail showcased the impact that Wyatt had on the wrestling community, both inside and outside the ring.

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Wyatt will always be remembered

Amidst visible emotions, Rollins thanked the crowd for their unwavering support and acknowledged their role as his “therapists” throughout the night. He concluded the show by urging everyone to “Follow The Buzzards,” a reference to Wyatt’s enigmatic character and an invitation to continue embracing the legacy he left behind.

Seth Rollins’ heartfelt tribute to Bray Wyatt not only showcased the deep camaraderie among wrestlers but also highlighted the profound impact that Wyatt had on those around him. Despite his absence at the tribute show, Rollins’ tribute demonstrated that Wyatt’s influence will continue to resonate within the wrestling world for years to come.

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