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Alexandra Daddario Channels Inner Baywatch Babe In Bikini Walk

Alexandra Daddario will break the Internet one day, claim her fans, and given her latest share generated more than 500k likes in less than two hours, we have to agree. Here’s Daddario, grooving to her own rhythm of “Hips Don’t Lie” as she struts to the water in a stunning bikini…

Alexandra Daddario Brings Back Baywatch Bikini Memories

Alexandra Daddario floors fans in a bikini serve
Instagram | Alexandra Daddario

When Daddario is not attending “husband calling” contests at the Iowa State Fair, she’s channeling her inner Baywatch babe for a stunning bikini walk to the crystal clear waters, mesmerizing fans with more than just the waves.

In the video, she stands right in front of the camera with her back facing it, walking towards the beach before diving in. The video didn’t just show off Daddario’s perfect and pert behind, but the white sand stunning blue waters, and just the right amount of clouds in the sky, made it a visual spectacle. The “White Lotus” star also kept the sound on so could hear the breeze blowing, and even the splash she made as she dived into waters so blue, they looked almost as unreal as her stunning eyes.

Appreciative comments soon began to follow as fans wrote, “She already broke television, Instagram is next.” Given that she’s walking away from the camera, another comment fanned over that body, reading, “Hate to see you leave, but love watching you go.” Many fans admitted they’d been watching her bikini strut on a loop!

Here’s the stunning video that makes us want to hit the beach…

Fans Are Always Here For Thirst Traps

Alexandra Daddario floors fans in a bikini serve
Instagram | Alexandra Daddario

Fans are always waiting for Alexandra Daddario, who calls herself Alex, to put in more thirst traps – even as many cannot even fathom the beauty of her eyes.

She recently posted another snap of her at a beach with her hair nearly obscuring her face, captioning the share as “beach hair” and fans wrote, “Goddess! She needs to keep posting selfies more often.”

Daddario also loves to head off to vacations and adventures, and a quick scroll shows that she loves exploring new places and going on hikes plus long walks. But she’s also at home visiting cultural towns and local fairs, and even taking pictures of a cow made of butter!

That said, her “thirst traps” aren’t always bikinis and eyes, as this stunning beauty swears by acupuncture. Apparently introduced to it at 23, when she was suffering from a frozen shoulder, Daddario now feels that this ancient Chinese medicine practice helps with sleep and stress levels too. She once also admitted that it was more than just a simple belief. saying, “I’m obsessed. I’ve had the needles everywhere—all over my body.”

Here’s another of those thirst traps, but this time Daddario steps out of everything to just be in her skin!

Bikini Equals Dior For Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario has a pool day in Dior bikini
Instagram | Alexandra Daddario

How does the 37-year-old be in such great shape, as recently posted in a Dior bikini? Daddario is a great proponent of yoga as well, as she recently shared a video of her doing consulted yoga poses, captioning it, “Free your hips and your mind will follow.”

With plenty of exercise and mindful eating, Daddario maintains those killer curves with ease, although fans can thank genetics for those stunning eyes. She’s also now only come into her own style, admitting that it took her years to reach this state, saying, The thing is, style is really about what you love. When you’re younger, you always wanna follow everyone. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve really been able to embrace what I feel great in and that’s really cool. It took me a long time to get comfortable doing that.”

All fans can see is perfection when they see Daddario, be it those soul-burrowing eyes or killer curves on a slim, svelte body. The “Mayfair Witches” actress is only too happy to drop in a bikini serve now and then as fans keep waiting for more thirst traps to light up their weekends, just like this one!




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