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Bilgewater Units & Abilities: Discover TFT Mid-Set 9.5 Horizonbound Breakdown

There has been a lot of excitement among players over the newest TFT mid-set, known as Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound. The week has been filled with interesting information about this release from Riot Games. The focus is on Horizonbound, in which players travel to discover Bilgewater and Ixtal with the daring Choncc. New areas, creative compositions, and an expanded selection of objects are all promised in this mid-set. 

The Bilgewater characteristic and the brand-new Rat Town location were both covered in featurettes released by Riot Games on August 21. Let’s explore the thorough knowledge we have about the distinctive troops, the astonishing skills, and the Bilgewater vertical characteristic that will soon grace Set 9.5 of TFT Horizonbound.

Revealing the Bilgewater Trait, Units & Abilities in TFT

The Bilgewater Trait, along with an intriguing array of units, is proudly presented by Riot Games, all of which are set in the enchanted surroundings of the recently unveiled Rat Town. Entertain your senses with Bilgewater, a compelling vertical characteristic that includes some of Runeterra’s most alluring pirates—including, of course, Gangplank. We can only hope that they can live in peace together. Don’t let the name of Rat Town deceive you; it’s far more inviting than it sounds. And while you’re here, be sure to stop by as well.

According to Riot Games, the fresh Bilgewater trait introduces the following dynamic effect:

  • “Locals strategically mark their adversaries, subjecting them to intermittent barrages from their waterborne artillery!”
  • Furthermore, this trait boasts an impressive total of nine breakpoints (3/5/7/9), thoughtfully complementing the seven distinctive Bilgewater units that have been brought into the fray.

The featured units are as follows:

  • Graves
  • Illaoi
  • Gangplank
  • Twisted Fate
  • Nautilus
  • Miss Fortune
  • Nilah

Amidst this exciting unveiling, the Rat Town portal takes center stage, offering players a unique advantage when they choose this region:

  • Region Portal – Rat Town: Unpredictable Lucky Shops may sporadically emerge, presenting units tailor-made for your strategic forces.

The Mastery of Bilgewater Unit Abilities

Delving deeper, the distinct abilities of the Bilgewater units come into the spotlight, each showcasing its own unique flair:

Graves & Illaoi

  • Graves: His reimagined Smoke Grenade creates a frosty atmosphere that chills opponents entering the mist.
  • Illaoi: She imparts Harsh Lessons to her designated target, absorbing damage and converting it into rejuvenating healing.


  • Nautilus: He channels his power to summon a formidable whirlpool, drawing in hapless foes and thrusting them into the air.

Miss Fortune

  • Miss Fortune: In a dazzling display, she calls forth a cascade of bullets in the shape of an ‘X,’ inflicting damage and leaving her adversaries wounded.


  • Gangplank: Commanding the Dreadway, he distributes citrusy assistance to allies and simultaneously detonates amongst enemies. Armed with his cutlass and pistol, he ignites foes or swiftly casts spells.


  • Nilah: With commanding attacks that cover an expansive area, her strikes become an area-of-effect (AOE) spectacle. She lunges at enemies, shielded and fortified, while simultaneously enhancing her attack speed.

As players gear up to venture across other Runeterra regions within this mid-set expansion, two novel domains have been disclosed so far: Bilgewater and Ixtal.

Riot Games has kindly included a wealth of exclusive cosmetics specifically created for this mid-set in addition to the addition of novel units and attributes, boosting the TFT Horizonbound experience. With the addition of Milio, a Naafiri, and the victorious comeback of Silco, the boss of the Arcane underworld, expect the auto-battler to feature new features.

The exact release date for TFT Horizonbound is still unknown, but players can anticipate a constant stream of updates leading up to its appearance in the public beta environment (PBE) before the end of August. A TFT experience like none other is coming your way, so stay tuned!

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