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‘Brain fart’ – Oleksandr Usyk mocks Daniel Dubois’ furious trainer Don Charles after his strong comments about Usyk’s religious beliefs following low blow controversy

Oleksandr Usyk has restrained himself when responding to some strong comments from Daniel Dubois’ trainer Don Charles the day after their fight.

Usyk knocked Dubois out in round nine on Saturday night, but the victory did not come without controversy.


Dubois put Usyk down with a punch that was ruled a low blow in round five
Usyk won by knockout in round nine


Usyk won by knockout in round nineCredit: Getty

In round five, the Brit floored the Ukrainian and he spent three minutes on the canvas.

Usyk was allowed this time to recover by the referee as he ruled the punch to be a low blow.

Replays showed Dubois’ glove landed right on the borderline, prompting a heated debate over whether it should have been rules as a legal body shot.

On Sunday, Dubois’ trainer Charles told iFL TV: “Usyk prides himself as a religious person, he’s always seen making cross signs and praying.

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“I wanna know which God he’s worshipping because you don’t lie in the name of God.

“If he’s a true religious man, he should come out publicly and say the truth, ‘I cheated.’

“There’s no difference from him to a drugs cheat. He cheated, he knows he cheated.”

Asked about these comments in an interview with Boxing King Media not long later, Usyk was clearly irritated due to how passionate he is about his faith.

However, he retained his composure and simply replied: “Don Charles, he has brain fart. Thank you.”




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