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Carl Froch says Daniel Dubois is the ‘future of boxing’ despite defeat to Oleksandr Usyk

Carl Froch has very high hopes for Daniel Dubois despite his stoppage loss against Oleksandr Usyk.

The Brit lasted until the ninth round with Usyk before being dropped by a heavy right hand. Dubois did not make it back to his feet in time for the referee’s count but Froch believes he will come again.


Froch thinks Dubois is going places even though he lost to UsykCredit: Getty

Froch told talkSPORT on The Verdict with former rival George Groves: “I think he could be the future of the sport, in heavyweight boxing there’s not many around, even Joe Joyce who has already beaten him is late 30s.”

And in terms of what’s next for Dubois, he said: “I don’t think a rematch with Joe Joyce would be a wise move for him.

“I’d like to see him in a couple of steady fights, build his confidence back and he can come again I think, I really do.”

For Dubois, however, he will be hoping to secure an immediate rematch with Usyk due to the controversy that occurred during their fight.

In the fifth round, Dubois attempted a body shot that dropped Usyk, although it was ruled a low-blow by the referee and the Ukrainian was allowed almost four minutes to recover.

There has since been much debate as to whether it was a low-blow and both Froch and Groves see where the referee is coming from.

“For me it’s down to the referee’s discretion,” Groves said. “The initial way Usyk turned around and grabbed his nuts made me think it’s a low-blow and he was hurt.

“But you watch the tape after and I feel like the referee could have gone either way on that.”

This punch by Dubois has stirred up huge debate


This punch by Dubois has stirred up huge debateCredit: DAZN

While Froch responded: “I thought it was a low-blow, I just say things as I see them and the glove landed half on the waist band, half on the shorts, just above the crown jewels area.

“If you kept throwing punches like that all night you would be pulled up every time… It was borderline, but unfortunately for Dubois, in professional boxing the waistband is an illegal area unless the referee specifies and my interpretation of a low-blow is anything below the navel.”

Dubois and his promoter Frank Warren certainly disagree, claiming that the Brit was ‘cheated’ out of becoming world champion and they will be appealing the result of the fight.




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