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Iggy Azalea Drops Bejeweled Bikini Serve Amidst Twitter Rant & New Song

Iggy Azalea has finally dropped a new song after a long, long wait from fans, and it’s all great visuals with Azalea strutting in bikinis and other equally tantalizing outfits. But she’s also talking about someone not being ‘fair” to her on Twitter, and joking about her pants ripping, in Saudi Arabia of all countries…

First Up, Iggy Azalea Goes Corporate In Bikinis

Iggy Azalea drops bikini serve for new song
Twitter | Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea just dropped her new song, “Money Come” and the rap lyrics are just as adventurous as you could have imagined, with Azalea showing off her stunning curves in corrupted power suits, and bikinis.

Fans feel she’s awesome in her bejeweled bikini and a silver one, writing about how she’s always “serving looks” and how their “summer was made!”

Wrote another besotted fan, “Iggy is the female rapper who has the best visuals in the industry, Now this ??! GIVE HER FLOWERS!!!!!!!” Another chimed, “Your visuals ALWAYS EATS!!! The other Rap Girls need to take serious notes!”

Azalea wore a rather stunning cornucopia of outfits in the song, and her metallic bikini proved a hit, even as she sat on a photocopier for some prints of her behind in the video, for shock value!

More commented, “Sorry but she’s unstoppable” and “the real Barbie.”

Most fans celebrated not just her stunning body, but also the peppy rap song that proved yet again that this Australian rapper can really bring the house down.


Banned From Saudi Arabia Because Pants Split?

Iggy Azalea drops bikini serve amid Saudi Arabia pants split
Instagram | Iggy Azalea

Azalea was also on tour in Saudi Arabia but it seems her show was cut short by the authorities.

Wrote the singer on Twitter, “Saudi Arabia please know to everyone at the show tonight… I LOVE YOU!!! And I’m soooooo sorry I wasn’t allowed to finish my show It’s not the promoter, who put on the show’s, fault so show them kindness because they are amazing people and we all wanted to continue but were not allowed by authorities because of my pants splitting…”

When fans wondered why she was not allowed to just change her outfit and continue with the show – Iggy admitted there was more to the story.

In her reply to the fan who asked her this question, Iggy replied, “I did but I also said ‘Ladies make some noise, it’s a woman’s world!’ And apparently, that sent the authorities over the edge. Lol I’m cool I just didn’t want the fans to be sad or angry at the show organizers cause it wasn’t their control or mine it was the police at the side of the stage.”

She also appreciated all the positive comments coming her way, adding that she’d love to come back to Saudi Arabia if they’d let her!

Iggy Azalea Mad At Someone, Rants On Twitter!

Iggy Azalea drops bikini serve amid Twitter rant
Instagram | Iggy Azalea

Fans doted over her stunning body and looks but in between all the appreciation, it seems Azalea is also mad at someone, as she dropped this on Twitter, “I have some very interesting news about a particular person but I’ll wait 24 hours for them to make it right and I hope that happens and I know [you’re] reading it so the ball is in YOUR court. You know what to do!”

Before fans could even react, she dropped another bomb, writing, “One person doesn’t actually get to play god about someone’s living and career based on your personal feelings. make it right and FAIR. or… we can all discuss [it] tomorrow! In public!”

Fans added that they were there for the “tea,” asking Iggy to spill it all out, so the rapper dropped another message in reply,

Fans felt Spotify could solve the problem, as another supported her, writing, “I’m sorry the industry always failing on you, especially as an independent artist. You deserve sm better! Just know your loyal fans always gonna stream your music regardless!”




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