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Kathy Griffin Has Tattoed Her Lips, Loved Ones Are SHOCKED

Renowned comedian and actress Kathy Griffin has made the bold decision to get her lips tattooed

The star, known for her fearless and sometimes controversial antics, surprised both fans and friends with her latest beauty endeavor as she took to social media to share moments of herself going under the knife. 

However, the unexpected transformation has left many of her close associates shocked by her visibly “swollen” appearance.

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Kathy Griffin Gets Her Lips Inked

Kathy Griffin attends screening of ''Kathy Griffin: A Hell Of A Story'

The 62-year-old star, who has always been candid about her various cosmetic procedures, took to YouTube to share the news with her fans and also revealed moments she was getting her lips tattooed. In the video titled “I GOT MY LIPS TATTOOED,” Griffin documented her experience getting her lips inked with a blush hue.

“OK, so first of all, I’m trying to go under the radar,” Griffin said In her signature witty style as she walked through a car park heading to her appointment. “Second of all, I’m going to get my eyebrows microbladed more because I didn’t do enough the last time, and I’m getting my lips tattooed, but they call it blushing. We’ll see,”

As she continued to document her journey, the footage switched to the moment she entered the aesthetician’s office as she got prepped for her procedure. A white substance was applied around the edges of her mouth to prevent the pigment from bleeding into her skin as it was inked to her lips.

Having finished the preparatory stage, she was seen getting her new ink as a practitioner used a tattoo gun to apply a bright red stain directly to her mouth, after which the camera cut to the moment she had to use a bag of ice on her freshly-inked lips.

Kathy Griffin’s Loved Ones Are Shocked

Kathy Griffin smiling

After finishing her procedure, the camera panned to when she went home to reveal the result to her loved ones. While Griffin seemed enthusiastic about her new lip tattoo adventure, her husband, Randy Bick, and friend, Kristin Johnston, were quick to express their shock about her visibly “swollen” appearance.

“I’m back from getting my lips tattooed!” she joyfully announced to Bick. Taken aback by her appearance, he began laughing while apologizing for his reaction.

“It’s a little swollen!” Griffin admitted. She then went on to show off her newly inked lips to her friend and actress, Kristen Johnston, announcing to her that she “got my lips tattooed last night.”

“What did you do? That’s not real,” Johnston responded with a visibly shocked demeanor.

Kathy Griffin Reveals ‘Complex PTSD’ Diagnosis

@kathygriffin Never talked about this publicly. I have lots of tools, but it is extremely intense. I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life. If you’re someone who also deals with this, I am sending you lots and lots of #love. ##PTSD##Depression##Anxiety##ComplexPTSD ♬ original sound – realkathygriffin

The comedian and actress took to TikTok in April to open up about her diagnosis of “complex PTSD” and discuss a harrowing “8-hour” panic attack that left her reeling. She shed light on her mental health struggles in the aftermath of controversies, health battles, and her journey to regain her footing in the entertainment industry.

In the video, Griffin said that she believed that her condition began five-and-a-half years ago, around the time she faced widespread criticism for a 2017 photo of her holding a mask of former President Donald Trump covered in blood-red ketchup, but she did not mention the incident. She added that her lung cancer diagnosis in 2021 “didn’t help” the state of her mental health either.

“I have lots of tools, but it is extremely intense. I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life,” Griffin wrote.

In another video post, she said, “I had a freaking eight-hour attack yesterday. Eight hours of freaking writhing in pain in the bed. I felt like one might be coming on, so I started to feel a little iffy. So I’m on my walk now, which is helpful.”

Kathy Griffin On Her Cancer, ‘Gnarly’ Voice Surgery, PTSD

Kathy Griffin Reveals Drug Addiction, Suicide Attempt Amid Cancer Diagnosis

Griffin pulled back the curtain on her life, revealing her battles with cancer, a “gnarly” voice surgery, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and her journey to “come out of cancellation.” The star, known for her fearless approach to both comedy and personal challenges, shared her story in an emotional interview that shed light on the highs and lows of her recent years.

In a chat with People magazine, Griffin spoke about her health struggles, starting with her battle against cancer, and how she felt after performing in her first solo show in six years.

“They use a hook to open your mouth,” she shared before explaining that anesthesia was necessary during the surgery “because there’s a freaking needle down my throat!”

“Then they put a needle on a camera, and they put it down your frickin’ throat,” she added. “And then they inject your little teeny meanie vocal cord with this substance.

She went on to reveal her joy coming out from cancellation as she prepared for her solo show at the time.

“I am coming out of my cancellation. And the cancer isn’t killing me. I can still put together a show. I love writing,” Griffin said of her life now. 

“I don’t know what’s gonna work. I don’t know what isn’t. But that’s a very different place than I was even six months ago.”




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