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Christine McGuinness Leaves Fans In Awe Of Her Shredded Body

Christine McGuinness‘ hotness is speaking for her!

Besides advocating for those on the autism spectrum, the English model has often set social media on fire with multiple sensational pictures of her in skimpy bikinis. She did the same again over the weekend when she posted sizzling photos that she snapped during a lavish getaway with her loved ones, including her mother, Joanne, and three kids.

Christine McGuiness Is Commanding Attention With These Bikini Images

Christine McGuinness Leaves Fans In Awe Of Her Perfectly Shredded Body
Instagram | Christine McGuinness

On Sunday, Christine reminded the world of her smoking, hot body when she took to Instagram to share a boatload of images from her ongoing vacation with her family. Although she started with a view of her mother and nanny, she soon turned the heat up with a photo of her in a tiny pink two-piece bikini.

She kept her hair away from her face with the help of a band and a tennis hat as she worked on perfecting her glowing tan by relaxing on a sun lounger. Her abs reflected the hard work she had been putting in at the gym while her bosom spilled out of the bikini top.

The 35-year-old continued working on her tan in a strappy blue bikini, this time beaming at the camera as she relaxed on the lounge with a pair of chunk black sunglasses on her face. In the caption, she wrote:

“The best holiday with my faves 🥰 Mummy, Nanny and my 3 little loves ❤️ wow I am so lucky. My babies have grown in confidence so much on this holiday, calmer in the airport, jumping in the pool and even enjoying the hotel restaurant 🙌 Nothing can stop us now babies there is a whole world out there for us to see ✈️🌍.”

The post immediately began receiving an influx of likes and comments from Christine’s fans, like this one that read, “You’re totally gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️,” and a second gushed, “Bruh those abs 🤤.”

Christine McGuinness Leaves Fans In Awe Of Her Perfectly Shredded Body
Instagram | Christine McGuinness

A third person commented, “Absolutely amazing lady x what a beautiful body,” and a fourth netizen effused, “Ow look at those abs 😍gorgeous Barbie girl🔥.” A fifth fan had the perfect description when they wrote, “Body like a race car 🏎️ 😍👌xx.”

Months before she flaunted her figure, the star of “The Real Housewives of Cheshire” had disclosed that she was going on a hiatus from the social media platform. She broke the news alongside candid snapshots highlighting her delightful moments during her preparation routine.

The radiant grins captured in the photographs highlighted the celebrity donning a white crop top that revealed her abs and images of her applying makeup. Acknowledging the necessity for a shift, she expressed:

“Time for a little digital detox 🧘‍♀️. In a world of algorithms, hashtags, and followers, I really want to embrace the true importance of human connection and go back to basics for a bit 📵.

Explaining further, the former beauty queen typed, “P.S. I’m not sure what I think about the whole ‘social media silence’ announcement thing, but I have lots of lovely followers on here who check in on me daily, and I don’t want to worry anyone while I have a little quiet time.” 

Christine rounded off by emphasizing that even though she was doing well, she was ready to switch off, be present, and live low-key for a short period. 

The Television Personality Took Her Mom On A Much Needed Vacation After A Five-Year Break

Christine McGuinness Leaves Fans In Awe Of Her Perfectly Shredded Body
Instagram | Christine McGuinness

Merely a few months after affectionately referring to Joanne as the “best nutty nanny ever” and marking the passage of two years since her matriarch’s challenging battle with breast cancer, Christine embarked on a significant journey with her.

As The Blast reported, she took to her Instagram to keep her 710k followers informed of the milestone — their first holiday together in five years, the former Miss Liverpool shared a snapshot capturing her mother’s youthfulness. 

Joanne appeared in an oversized floral smock paired with similarly adorned shorts and understated nude sandals. On the other hand, her daughter’s ensemble comprised a halter-style top with candy-colored stripes, complemented by elegant pink trousers and pristine white shoes. 

Earrings of subtle refinement and dark sunglasses, barely perceptible, adorned the mother-daughter pair, with Christine using her sunglasses to sweep her blonde hair away from her face. The duo looked ecstatic as they twirled in front of the Zafiro Palace Palmanova, Marjaco, with “The Games” star snapping and giggling mid-spin.

“My smile, my silliness, and my strength comes from her, my mum. This was her first holiday in 5 years, so many of you sent love and well wishes when she was going through breast cancer during lockdown, and look at her now, she’s doing amazing!” she shared in the accompanying caption.




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