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Emily Faye Miller In Pink Drawstring Bikini Celebrates ‘Tanning Days’

Model Emily Faye Miller is looking like a model Barbie in her pink drawstring bikini!

The season 2 contestant on the hit Netflix reality series “Too Hot To Handle” hit the beach to work on her glowing summer tan and show her two million Instagram followers how to look beach body ready all summer long!

Emily Faye Miller Gives ‘Tanning Barbie’ Vibes In A Pink Drawstring Bikini

Emily Faye Miller In Pink Drawstring Bikini Celebrates ‘Tanning Days’
Instagram | Emily Faye Miller

The Netflix reality star wasn’t afraid to show some skin in a video that featured her having fun at the beach! It must not be as hot as it looks, as the beach looks pretty deserted as she puts a white and blue striped beach towel down in the sand next to her bag and sandals. She heads over to the water and picks up a few seashells before she heads back to her towel, brushing her long dark hair out of her face with one hand.

She then sprays on some tanning oil and shares a close-up look of her rubbing the lotion onto her skin. She stretches out on her stomach to tan both sides of her body, removing her sunglasses as she naps in the sand. Emily makes sure to stay hydrated during her trip, and later covers her hair with a hat as she rides a bicycle beside the water, showing off the gorgeous views from her vacation hotspot.

She set the music in this video to Empire of the Sun’s “Walking On A Dream.” In the caption of this Instagram post, she wrote, “Tanning days are the best but it’s SO important to look after our skin!! @cocoandeve new anti-aging, tan boosting oil is your new best friend. It’s SPF30 protecting against UVA/UVB whilst nourishing the skin with antioxidants, non sticky, fast absorbing + smells SO gorgggg. Ad.”

“Love Island” series 9 finalist Samie Elishi commented “Love” on the post alongside two heart-eye emojis but not everyone felt that she was sending a positive message. “Your first sentence contradicts itself; tanning isn’t taking care of your skin. It’s quite literally cooking it and killing DNA that will never be repaired,” one user commented. “Came here to say this. Education should be done here. There is no healthy tanning,” another follower agreed.

Emily Faye Miller poses in a tank top
Instagram | Emily Faye Miller

However, there were plenty of fans who loved to see her steamy snaps. “Omg, the tan,” one fan gushed. “Where is the bikini from?” another follower asked. “In love,” a third fan chimed in. “You are extremely gorgeous,” another follower commented. “So pretty,” another fan agreed. “Gorgeous girl,” another follower wrote. “You are golden,” another fan shared. “I love this video,” another follower added.

“This beach is so beautiful. We don’t have any beaches in New Zealand that look like that,” another fan shared. “So gorgeous, babe,” another follower wrote. “You are already dark enough omg,” another fan commented. “I love this!” another follower exclaimed as fans showered her post with red heart, fire, and sun emojis!

Emily Celebrates ‘After Hours’ In Her Stunning Orange Dress

Emily Faye Miller in orange dress
Instagram | Emily Faye Miller

In another Instagram post that she captioned “After hours,”  the social media sensation showed off the sunset as she posed in a long-sleeve orange shirt and matching wrap skirt. She showed off her glowing tan posing barefoot on the boardwalk beside the water, her dark hair slicked back out of her face.

Samie Elishi commented on this post too, writing, “Sunset-tional” alongside three fire emojis. “Too Hot To Handle” season 1 alum Francesca Farago called her a “Cutie baby” with three red heart emojis. Her season 2 “Too Hot To Handle” costar Carly Lawrence wrote “Love u” while “Love Island” reality star Sophie Piper called her “The best” alongside four orange heart emojis.

Emily Faye Miller in orange dress
Instagram | Emily Faye Miller

“You are just phenomenal! Immaculate vibes from you,” one fan commented. “You and the view. Dang, too much to handle. Both views are stunning!” another follower gushed. “The best view! And a sunset,” a third fan agreed. “You’re absolutely perfect,” another follower chimed in as fans continued to praise her “gorgeous” photos.

Interested in more Emily Faye Miller content? Fans just can’t get enough of the “Too Hot To Handle” hottie! In another recent Instagram post, she shared a rear view of her riding a bicycle around the Maldives in a tiny animal-print bikini! Fans can check out those steamy bikini snaps by clicking here!




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