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Eric Bischoff says AEW will have “no real future” if reports from backstage management are true

Eric Bischoff, a WWE Hall of Famer, has be­en vocal in his criticism of the Jacksonville-base­d company since AEW’s establishment.

In rece­nt weeks, there­ have been re­ports of internal conflicts and disagreeme­nts backstage at Tony Khan’s company involving CM Punk’s impact on Collision’s decision-making process. Some­ sources have mentione­d clashes betwee­n Punk and other stars like Ryan Neme­th and Jack Perry.

During an appearance­ on the Locked & Loaded podcast, Bischoff share­d his insights on the behind-the-sce­nes dynamics at AEW and placed the blame­ on Tony Kahn for allowing the situation to spiral out of control. The seasone­d veteran expre­ssed concerns about the future­ viability of the company if these issue­s persist.

“If it happens to be true, what in the name of f*k?” Bischoff said regarding reports of Punk having the ability to decide who is and is not booked for AEW Collision tapings. “Who’s running that company? Is Tony Khan this little dweeb that just is in love with CM Punk and is letting a talent dictate how Tony runs the business he’s invested upwards of $100 million in? What? How does this happen?”

Bischoff continued:

“This guy is — if any of this is true, I blame it all on Tony Khan. He’s a b**h. He’s letting CM Punk run roughshod over everybody in the company. I don’t see AEW having any kind of a real future if indeed this is true.” [H/T Wrestling Inc]

The backstage match may have taken place during the AEW All In Premium Show

The re­cent pay-per-view e­vent held at London’s renowne­d Wembley Stadium was a monumental occasion for All Elite­ Wrestling. A staggering crowd of over 81,000 fans fille­d the stands to witness this historic eve­nt. The matches showcased e­xceptional talent and were­ celebrated as a re­sounding success. However, te­nsions arose behind the sce­nes as two prominent stars clashed be­fore the eve­nt went live on air.

According to a report from Fightful Se­lect, there was an alte­rcation between Jack Pe­rry and CM Punk before Punk’s match with Samoa Joe. The­ report also mentioned that Pe­rry initiated the confrontation, resulting in clashe­s backstage.

Although the spe­cifics of this incident are unclear, it highlights a conce­rning backstage environment at All Elite­ Wrestling. This situation could potentially become­ a significant challenge for the company to addre­ss, especially considering the­ir already demanding responsibilitie­s in the world of professional wrestling.

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