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How to Download Twitter GIFs and Videos without Hassle

A lot of interesting videos and GIFs can be found on the social media site Twitter. These GIFs and videos are popular among users, and many of them want to save them on their devices for future use. Without any issues, Twitter lets you save images, but GIFs and videos are a different story. Twitter does not permit the ability to download Videos and GIFs due to some copyright regulations. Many users have questions about How to Download Twitter GIFs and Videos without Hassle. As a result of the copyright issues, many users don’t save or download GIFs or videos from Twitter. In this article, we’ll help you learn the straightforward procedure for downloading GIFs or videos without any struggle. 

Web Downloader for downloading Twitter GIFs and Videos:

There are numerous websites and apps that allow you to download Twitter GIFs and Videos.Downloading a Twitter GIF is quite similar to downloading a Twitter video. When someone on Twitter tweets a GIF, the GIF file will automatically convert into a video file. So if you try to download a GIF, it will work like downloading a video.

Procedure for downloading GIFs and Videos without Hassle on Android:

 By doing the following, you can easily download GIFs and videos from Twitter:

  1. On your Android phone, launch the Twitter application.
  2. Go to Twitter and search for the GIF or video you want to download.
  3. Then click the Share button and copy URL link of the selected video.
  4. Now open Twitter Video Downloader on your browser or Google. 
  5. You will see a display with a text bar in front of your screen.
  6. The copied link should be pasted into the text box.
  7. You can change the file size if you would like. Click on the Download button.
  8. Without any issues, your file will be automatically saved in the gallery. 

Procedure for downloading GIFs and Videos without Hassle on iOS:

Downloading GIFs and Videos on iOS is a little more complicated in comparison to downloading them on Android. But once you  learn the process, there will be no difficulty in doing this. 

Here is the simplest and most understandable process for downloading GIFs and Videos:

  1. For GIFs and the downloading process, you need to install Twitter video downloader.
  2. Open the Twitter app on your iOS and look for the video they want to save.
  3. Click on the Share button and copy the video URL link. 
  4. Look for the browser icon in the bottom right corner of the application. Click it and open an in app browser. 
  5. In the browser type https://downloadertwitter.com/ to go to the website. 
  6. Paste the copied video URL link in the text box.
  7. Press Download button and a download link will appear.
  8. Click the link to complete the downloading process. 


 The steps for downloading GIFs and videos from Twitter are detailed above in a comprehensive guide. I am hoping that this article will show you how to download Twitter videos and GIFs without hassle. 




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