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How to Remove Duplicate Music Files from Computer [Fixed]

Are you someone who loves music? If yes, then your computer surely holds a music collection ranging from cherished classics to the latest hits. However, music lovers often encounter an irritating issue – duplicate music files. These annoying duplicated music files not only occupy disk space but also can slow down your computer’s speed. But don’t worry! That’s where this article comes in, giving you a comperehensive guide on how to remove duplicate music files on computer. Additionally, we will also explain how to choose a reliable duplicate music file finder.

Part 1:What Causes Duplicate Music Files on Your Computer?

Duplicate music files on a computer can arise from various sources and actions. Here are some common reasons:

  • Synchronization: Automatic synchronization between devices or software can lead to duplicate files if not managed properly.
  • Software Glitches: Errors or glitches in music management software can sometimes lead to unintentional duplication.
  • Importing from Various Sources: When you import music from different sources, the same song might be stored in multiple locations.
  • Human error: If you copy or move music files from one location to another without removing the original, duplicates can accumulate.

The generation of duplicate music files is almost inevitable, but after reading this article, you will no longer need to worry about how to easily remove duplicate music files on your computer.

Part 2:Easiest Way to Find and Remove Duplicate Music Files

Without a doubt, the easiest way to find duplicate music files is to utilize a professional duplicate music file finder. You don’t have to go through each file one by one to figure out if they’re duplicates. Just a few clicks, and you can get rid of duplicate files within seconds. Compared to manually deleting duplicate files, a software can help you save a significant amount of time and effort. While there are many excellent duplicate music file removers available on the market, 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter stands out with its powerful features. 

  • Find duplicate files from Windows 10/11, Mac, Google Drive, external disks, network drives, etc.
  • Not only an MP3 duplicate finder, but it can also delete duplicate videos, photos, files, and more.
  • Advanced algorithms and real-time duplicate file reminder.
  • Removes tons of duplicate files in seconds.
  • Users can delete 15 duplicate files for free.

Here is how to remove duplicate music files from computer in three simple steps:

Step 1: Choose Where to Look

First, download and install 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter on your computer and open it. Then, pick a folder or drive you want to search for duplicates in.


Step 2: Set How You Search

Find the gear icon at the bottom left and click it. You can adjust how the tool looks for duplicates. Once you’ve set things up, hit “Scan Duplicates” to start.


Step 3: See Before You Remove

After scanning, 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter will show you all the duplicates it found. You’ll get details on how many and how big they are. Click the eye icon to preview them. Once you choose which duplicates to get rid of (you can also let the tool choose), just hit “Remove” to clean them up.


Part 2: How to find duplicate music files on Windows 10/11 

If you are wondering how to remove duplicate music files from your computer without software, you’re in luck. There are manual methods you can employ to declutter your music collection and free up valuable space on your hard drive:

Solution 1: Find Duplicate Music Files by File Explorer

File Explorer is a built-in Windows tool that allows users to navigate and manage files and folders on their computer. Although it does not have a native feature specifically designed to find duplicate MP3 files, you can employ specific search functions within File Explorer to identify potential duplicates. Here’s how:

Step 1:Press the “WIN” key and “E” key together to launch File Explorer. Find the folder where you store your music.

Step 2:Once you locate your music files, switch to the “View” tab at the top of the window. Click on “Details” in the “Layout” section.

Step 3:Click on the “Sort by” option to organize your music files. For example, you can select the “Name” column, and your music files will be sorted alphabetically by their names.

Step 4:Now carefully look through the details of each music file. Check if they’re truly duplicates or just have the same name but different content. When you’re sure they’re duplicates, right-click on it and select “delete.”

Solution 2:Find Duplicate Music Files via Windows Media Player

While Windows Media Player may not be as thorough or efficient as dedicated duplicate music file finder, it can indeed assist you removing some duplicate songs. Here is how you use it to find duplicate music files on Windows 10/11:

Step 1:Press “WIN” key and “Q” key at the same time. Then type “Windows Media Player” in the search bar and click to open it.

Step 2:On the left side, right-click “Music” and choose “Manage Music library.”


Step 3: Then, click on the “Add” button. Select all your computer drives, and hit OK.


Step 4:Go to the “Library” tab at the top. Double-click “Music” and then “All Music.” Arrange your music files by name. 

Step 5:If you see duplicates, right-click on it and pick “Delete.”


Part 3: How to Find Duplicate Music Files on Mac

Compared to Windows Media Player, iTunes has a built-in feature that can quickly find duplicate music files. In addition, Mac users can find duplicate mp3 files, movies, TV shows and

audiobooks in iTunes. Here’s how to find and remove duplicate songs using iTunes:

Step 1:Launch iTunes and click on “Music” in the top left corner, then choose “Library”.

Step 2:Pick a song from your library. 

To locate all instances of that song: Click on “File” > “Library” > “Show Duplicate Items”.


To find exact duplicates: Hold down the Shift key and click on “File” > “Library” > “Show Exact Duplicate Items”.


Step 3:Once you find a duplicate song, right-click on it. Then, choose “Delete from Library”.


Part 4:How to Choose a Reliable Duplicate Music File Remover?

Choosing a professional duplicate music file finder is essential to efficiently manage your music collection and save disk space. While some duplicate music file finders are free, many excellent ones require payment to experience advanced features in their premium versions. As consumers, we should spend our money wisely. Here are some factors to consider when selecting such a tool:

  • Speed: Go for a tool that can scan and identify duplicates quickly, especially if you have a large music library.
  • Accuracy: This finder should employ advanced algorithms to accurately identify duplicate music files, even if they have slight variations in metadata or file names.
  • Ease of Use: The software should have an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. This is particularly important if you’re not very tech-savvy.
  • Customizable Scan Settings: The tool should allow you to customize scanning parameters, such as searching specific folders or excluding certain file types.
  • Preview and Selection: The tool should allow you to preview the identified duplicate files before deletion and offer flexible selection options to retain specific copies if desired.
  • Free Trial: Try out the software’s free trial or limited version to ensure it meets your needs before making a purchase.

Final Thoughts

This article outlines several effecitive approaches to find duplicate MP3 files with ease. Among them, 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter stands out as the premier solution to alleviate your concerns and frustrations caused by duplicate files. Waste no time and acquire it now to find duplicate music files on your computer.

FAQs about How to Remove Duplicate Music Files from Computer

Q1: Why do my music files keep duplicating?

Your music files could be duplicating due to reasons such as syncing across devices, transfer errors, backup and restore processes, software glitches, metadata changes, and multiple import sources.

Q2: Does Windows have a duplicate file remover?

No, Windows doesn’t have a built-in duplicate file finder. However, there are several third-party software options available that can help you find and remove duplicate files. Some popular options include:

  1. 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter
  2. CCleaner
  3. Duplicate Cleaner
  4. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder
  5. Easy Duplicate Finder

Q3: How do I quickly delete duplicate files on my computer?

Here is how to remove duplicate music files from your computer using 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter:

Step 1: Lauch the tool and select a folder or drive to search.

Step 2: Click the gear icon to adjust the search settings as needed. Then, Click “Scan Duplicates” to start the search.

Step 3:Preview duplicates and Click “Remove” to clean up them.




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