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Lily-Rose Depp Sizzles In Racy Snaps With Girlfriend, 070 Shake

Actress Lily-Rose Depp‘s relationship with rapper 070 Shake is waxing stronger. The two started dating back in February and have been spotted in each other’s company on several occasions.

Recently, Depp took to Instagram to post sensual pictures of themselves that flaunted her love for the rapper. Fans in the comment section hyped the duo and wished for their relationship to continue to blossom.

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Depp Shared Risqué Pictures Of Herself And 070 Shake

“The Idol” star Lily-Rose Depp is deeply enamored with her new girlfriend, Shake, and isn’t shy about showing her fans. She took to Instagram to share risqué pictures of herself and the rapper, which photographer Zora Sicher shot.

In one image, the pair were seen intertwined on a pristine white bed. Depp went shirtless in the shot but sported a tiny bra adorned with spike-like designs that matched Shake’s distinctive hand gear.

A second snapshot was taken outdoors, featuring the duo in an acrobatic pose with Depp upside down. Once again, Depp was bare-chested, dressed in red shorts and shoes rising above the ankles.

One more photo showcased the couple inside a bus. In the picture, Depp leaned her head on her partner’s shoulder while Shake wrapped her arms around her affectionately.

Fans Are Excited About Their Relationship

Lily-Rose Depp as Gloria in the upcoming series "The Idol"
Instagram | Lily-Rose Depp

Alongside the photos, Depp also added a caption that embodied her affection for Shake, writing, “Me & prince charming.”

In the comments section, Depp’s fans expressed their excitement and admiration for the photos as well as her relationship with the rapper.

One fan said, “I love the vibe of the photos so much!!! They are amazing,” adding a heart emoji.

Another follower wrote, “You both look so good and in love,” while a third person said, “You two are very passionate together. Powerfully beautiful. “

A fourth fan commented, “You and Dani make a beautiful couple, love you and missed you so much.”

One more person said, “I hope they are together forever it’s always because true love lasts forever.”

The pictures have since garnered over half a million likes since Depp posted them on her Instagram account.

Lily-Rose Depp’s Lunch Date With 070 Shake Last Month

Lily-Rose Depp goes topless on Instagram
Instagram | Lily-Rose Depp

Depp was spotted on a lunch date with Shake at Crossroads in Los Angeles late last month, per the Daily Mail.

For the outing, Depp came out in her usual choice of skimpy attire, which consisted of white cotton shorts and a blue top with tiny straps. She completed the outfit with a pair of black shades, the black version of her iconic Worishofer sandals, and a raffia-like bag on her arm.

Shake chose to don an NFL jersey with the number 7 emblazoned on its front, along with a pair of baggy black pants, which she held with a belt.

The two approached the restaurant, walking close to each other with Shake’s hand around Depp’s waist while the actress placed her hand over the rapper’s shoulder.

And while in the restaurant, they could be seen talking excitedly with each other and playing a hand game.

Lily-Rose Depp And 070 Shake’s Relationship Timeline

Lily-Rose Depp Shares Sultry Photos To Mark The End Of Her 'Wildest' Journey On 'The Idol'
Instagram | Lily-Rose Depp

Depp and Shake have been dating since February 2023, the same month they were seen together in public for the first time at the Paris Fashion Week.

The actress then confirmed their affair in May by sharing a picture of themselves exchanging an intimate kiss via her Instagram story. She added the caption, “4 months w my crush.”

That same month, they were spotted kissing passionately at the Los Angeles airport after Depp returned from the Cannes Film Festival, where she received a rousing ovation for her show, “The Idol.”

A month later, Depp posted a loving tribute to Shake on her Instagram story to mark the rapper’s birthday. In the cute piece, she addressed Shake as the “love of my life.”

Prior to Shake, Depp dated a couple of celebrities, including Yasinne Stein, Austin Butler, and Timothée Chalamet.




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