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Unique ‘QR Code’ Mehendi Video Goes Viral. Here’s The Truth

Raksha Bandhan 2023: Unique 'QR Code' Mehendi Video Goes Viral. Here's The Truth

The mehendi design is going viral on the internet.

Digital payments have become increasingly important in India in recent years, as the country has seen a rapid increase in the adoption of smartphones. These devices facilitate payments by allowing the users to scan a QR code without having to enter details like bank details, IFSC code etc. On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, video of a “peak digital moment” is gaining traction on social media that claims to show a man making payments to his sister by scanning the a QR code drawn as a mehendi art on her hand.

The short clip shows the woman’s hand with the mehendi art being scanned by a man (her brother) with an iPhone. In the conversation, the man doesn’t seem to believe that something like this is possible. But as the screen of the phone reaches the payment interface, the man is amazed and even screams in surprise. Surprised? See the video for yourself.

Watch the video here:

At first, users were amazed to see the talent of the mehendi artist who drew the QR-code-like design on the woman’s hand. But on closer examination, some things were revealed. In the clip, the person using the mobile device isn’t scanning a genuine QR code; instead, a video is seen playing on the mobile phone of the woman’s brother, where the code is already visible.

The same emotion was reflected in the comments posted by other X users.

“For a second I felt like an artist, then I realised it’s a video,” commented a user.

“Relax, guys, with this video editing,” wrote another user.

“People are saying wow! Amazing ! But can’t you even see the video running in the gallery? Check your eyes once again,” commented a third user.

The video was shared on Instagram by a mehendi artist named Yash. The video caption states that the QR code is non-functional and purely created for entertainment purposes.

“It’s just some content I edited. This is a payment transaction screen recording with my mehndi video to make it real. Mehndi QR code cannot be used for payments,” clarified the post.

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