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Rugved Bidkar On Pioneering Role of Product Managers in Reshaping Mission-Critical Computing

Savvy product managers like Rugved Bidkar are changing the face of mission-critical computing.

Mission-critical computing refers to information systems and processes whose consistent and continuous operation is considered essential to the survival of a business or organization. These systems are designed with extreme reliability, redundancy, and resilience in mind, ensuring that they continue to function even in the event of a major failure or disaster. In sectors like healthcare, defense, finance, and telecommunications, mission-critical computing facilitates operations that cannot afford downtime due to their high-stakes or life-altering implications.

These systems serve as the backbone of numerous sectors, including healthcare, defense, and finance. These are the sectors where reliability, speed, and accuracy are of paramount importance, as they often involve life-altering or high-stakes decisions. Professionals like Rugved Bidkar, an experienced product manager at Juniper Networks, are leveraging their skills and experience to redefine the parameters of mission-critical computing.

Bidkar holds an interdisciplinary master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering, Policy and Business and has over eight years of experience in product management. He embodies a new generation of tech leaders driving innovation in mission-critical computing. His hands-on involvement in designing and enhancing AI-driven enterprise networking and cloud hardware products has made him a trailblazer in his field.

Bidkar’s original contribution to the field of mission critical computing was a software upgrade process that he designed for data center and enterprise switches in a complex network fabric. This led to a minimal- to no-downtime status in mission critical systems. This was a huge accomplishment, as zero down time is essential part of mission critical systems.

Bidkar’s impressive repertoire includes the successful launch of high-speed networking data center products at Juniper Networks. One of his most celebrated achievements includes his instrumental role in introducing the first merchant silicon-based 400G capable high-speed data center networking product in the industry. His products employ AI to ensure reliable data transfer and processing, thus fostering resilience in mission-critical computing.

“Product managers like myself have a multifaceted role in reshaping mission-critical computing,” Bidkar explains. “For one thing, we conceive and develop robust products that meet the strict standards of reliability and speed required in mission-critical applications. My networking products, for instance, are designed to ensure zero network downtime, as any interruption in service could have catastrophic consequences in the contexts where they are used.”

Bidkar says that another key aspect of a product manager’s role is to stay abreast of emerging technologies and trends that can improve the performance and capabilities of their products. “For me, this has meant integrating Artificial Intelligence into my products to improve data processing capabilities,” he shares. “This increases their reliability and speed.”

He continues that product managers play an important role in ensuring compliance with government and industry standards, a responsibility that carries particular weight in mission-critical computing. “One of my key clients is the US Government,” Bidkar says. “So I work to create TAA, FIPS, MACSec, Precision Time Protocol (PTP) compliant products for secure communication. This definitely requires meticulous attention to regulatory adherence in product management.”

Product managers are also responsible for promoting collaboration and interoperability between different systems and vendors. “When it comes to mission-critical computing, this is vital to maintain high-speed, efficient, and secure networks,” says Bidkar. “I’ve been part of a select group of industry experts; we tested and showcased interoperability between computer networking vendors. Our goal was to drive innovation and bridge the digital divide.”

He refers to the efforts made to provide equal access to information and communication technology, including the internet, to all individuals and communities, regardless of their socioeconomic status, geographic location, or other factors that might limit their access. This divide can exist between urban and rural areas, developed and developing countries, or different socioeconomic groups within the same country or community. By ensuring interoperability between different systems and vendors, the goal is to provide widespread, reliable, and affordable access to digital tools and resources, thus leveling the playing field and promoting digital inclusivity.

“A lot of the work I do is to help create a more interconnected and secure digital future,” Bidkar says. “Embracing interoperability among networking vendors is the key to unlocking a faster, safer, and sustainable internet for the underserved. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of seamless cooperation and integrated solutions.”

In light of his accomplishments, Bidkar has become recognized for his thought leadership. As an IEEE published author and a member of the Ethernet Alliance, he has been invited to judge at ISEF 2023 and deliver multiple trainings on computer networking products worldwide. His insights are influential and contribute to the wider discourse on the future of mission-critical computing.

“A product manager’s success is often reflected in their product’s market performance and influence,” Bidkar reveals. He shares that since he joined the team, Juniper Networks has seen growth in its datacenter and enterprise businesses, contributing to over $2B in annual revenue. Due to exceptional quality and performance, Bidkar’s products have received top honors such as ‘Best of Show’ at Tokyo Interop 2023.

Rugved Bidkar is changing the face of mission-critical computing through his innovative products, strategic collaborations, and thought leadership. His work is vital in navigating the complexities of modern digital landscapes, ensuring that mission-critical computing continues to evolve and improve. 

“I try to push the boundaries of what is possible as a product manager,” Bidkar states. “I want to drive technological advancement and also influence the trajectory of numerous sectors that rely on mission-critical computing. I want my work to reflect this transformative influence and set a high standard for future leaders in the field.”

Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rugvedbidkar




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