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5 Squad Building Challenges You Will Face In The Upcoming EA FC 24 Manager Career Mode

With EA releasing more and more details about the Manager Career Mode in FC 24, it’s time to start thinking about the journey you want to start once the game releases.

Here, we have come up with five challenges to set the tone for your upcoming Manager Career Mode. 

Challenge #1

Our first challenge is the Youth Academy Challenge.

This one is all about nurturing and developing your own homegrown talent. Forget about big signings or star players. In this challenge, you’re focusing solely on the young prospects from your Youth Academy.

FC 24 Youth Academy Challenge

Focus Only On The Youth Academy

Now, this challenge isn’t just about playing the youngsters in your team. It’s about scouting for talent, investing in their development, and giving them the chance to shine on the biggest stage. 

Use New Total Team Management Features

Utilize the new Total Management System to focus on Youth Development. 

Managers can now be involved in all major club decisions, including Youth Development. You can set a tactical vision that emphasizes youth training and development. You can also hire coaches with expertise in nurturing young talents by using your FUT 24 Coins.

Use the new pre-match reports to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your young players against different opponents. This will help you decide which matches are best for giving your youth players valuable game time.

Invest In Good Scouts & Let Them Scout In The Right Areas

Start by investing in a good scout and sending them to countries known for producing top talent. 

The better the scout, the better the players they’ll find. Once you’ve got your young prospects, it’s time to train them.

Train & Develop Prospects

Regular training can significantly speed up a player’s development, so make sure you’re making the most of the training feature. 

Make Sure To Give Them As Much Playtime As Possible

But training alone isn’t enough. Young players need game time to develop. Try to give your youngsters as much playing time as possible, especially in less important matches. This will give them the experience they need to grow.

Remember, this is a long-term challenge. Don’t expect immediate results. It’s all about patience and perseverance. But stick with it and you could end up with a team of world beaters all trained and developed under your guidance. 

So, are you ready to take on the Youth Academy Challenge? It’s time to scout, train, and build your team of homegrown heroes.

Challenge #2

Next up, we have the No Star Players Challenge.

This one is a real test of your managerial skills. Picture this: you’re leading your club and you’ve just been told that any player rated above 85 has to be sold. It sounds dawning, right? But that’s exactly what this challenge is all about.

Sell Every Player With An Overall > 85

In this challenge, you have to sell every player with a rating above 85. You’ll have to delve into your squad, uncovering hidden gems and underutilized players.

Focus On The Team Instead Of Star Players

You’ll need to rethink your tactics, focusing on synergy rather than individual brilliance. It’s all about maximizing what you’ve got and finding ways to win without relying on star power. 

Find Talents & Hidden Gems Lurking In Your Squad

You’ll be amazed at the talent lurking in your squad. That backup striker or reserved midfielder could be the key to your success.

And remember, a star player isn’t always the one with the highest rating. It’s the player who steps up when the team needs them who delivers under pressure and who leads by example on and off the pitch.

So, are you ready to take on the No Star Players Challenge? It’s time to step up, rethink your strategies, and prove that a team is more than just its star players.

Challenge #3

Our third challenge is the Selling Club Challenge.

This one is for the managers who love a good transfer window hustle.

EA FC 24 Selling Club Challenge

Sell Best Play At The Start Of Every Season

In this challenge, you must sell your best player every season. This means your star player, top scorer, captain all must be sold. Although you will get a large amount of FC 24 Coins because of this, you will also feel very sad.

This challenge will test your ability to find replacements and adapt your tactics. It’s about being proactive, scouting for talent, and making smart signings.

Think Ahead & Scout Actively

Keep an eye on your Young Academy. Maybe your next star player will be born there!

Build A Team That Can Cope With Change

It’s not just about finding replacements for you, it’s more about building a team that can adapt.

But the team’s performance remains consistent. It’s about resilience, adaptability, and the ability to overcome challenges. 

With the Selling Club Challenge, it’s time to step into the transfer market, make some tough decisions, and build a team that can thrive in the face of change. 

But what I want to remind you is that building a team is not a very simple matter. In addition to selecting suitable players, you also need to spend a lot of thought on cultivating them. These are inseparable from the support of a large number of FIFA 24 Coins.

Challenge #4 

The fourth challenge on our list is the No Contract Renewals Challenge. 

This one is all about forward planning and squad rotation.

No Renewing Or Extending Contracts

Once a player’s contract is up, that’s it. They’re gone, which means no renewals, no negotiations and no second chances.

Learn To Play For The Future

This challenge will test your ability to plan for the future. You’ll need to keep a close eye on contract links and be ready to find replacements for players whose contracts are expiring. It’s about being proactive in making smart signings and always being one step ahead.

Find Young Stars Early In Their Career & Track Them

But it’s not just about replacing players. It’s about building a squad that can adapt to change. It’s about creating a system that allows new players to fit in quickly and seamlessly.

Next Man Up Mentality

It’s about maintaining team chemistry and performance even when key players leave.

It’s time to plan, adapt, and build a team that can thrive in the face of change and that can outlast any player’s contract.

Challenge #5

Finally, we have a special challenge that can’t reject any incoming offer challenge – No Rejecting Tranfer Offers.

This one is a real test of your adaptability and quick thinking.

FC 24 No Rejecting Tranfer Offers

Accept Every Incoming Transfer Offer

Anytime you receive an offer for a player, you must accept it. No matter who the player is or what the offer is, you have to say yes.

Think On Feet & Adapt Tactics Quickly

This challenge will keep you on your toes. 

You’ll need to be ready to find replacements at a moment’s notice and adapt your tactics based on your changing squad. It’s about being flexible, making the most of the transfer market and always being ready for the unexpected.

Turn Unexpected Changes In Opportunities

But it’s not just about reacting to change. It’s about turning these changes into opportunities. It’s about using the funds from these transfers to strengthen your squad and finding hidden gems who can fill the gaps.

So, embrace the unexpected, adapt, and build a team that can thrive no matter what comes their way. Manage disappointments by turning them into opportunities.


The above five are unique challenges to shake up your gameplay in EA FC 24 from nurturing your own homegrown talent in the Youth Academy Challenge to embracing the unexpected in the can’t reject any incoming offer challenge.

These challenges are designed to test your managerial skills and bring a fresh twist to your game. Of course, if you can win these challenges, in addition to buy EA FC 24 Coins, you can also receive some rich rewards such as packs, player cards and rare items.




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