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VAI Review, Earlybird Discount & Special Exclusive Bonuses

I’m going to examine vAI in more detail in this review to find out why there’s so much buzz about it in the industry.

I’ll also be honest with you and share the real story behind this fascinating gadget.

in order for you to determine whether or not it is worth your money.

Below are all the details on OTOs, upsells, and discounts.

You’ll also be able to access a wealth of extra special benefits worth $2000 by purchasing this game-changing product, which will improve your marketing strategies.

Don’t pass up this fantastic chance to grow your company to new heights. Prepare to be amazed with the power of vAI.

vAI — The Overview

Vendors: Adeleke Seyi

Name of Product: vAI

Launch deadline: August 7 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Bonuses: $8582 in total value (details below)

Starting at $27 is the front end price.

Sales Page: Press This

Suggested: Strongly Suggested

30 Day Money Back Refund

Domain: Web-Based Software

Review of vAI: What Is vAI?

The first-ever Google AI Bard-powered app, vAI, legally hijacks any online video and instantly redirects all of its views to any URL we choose. Using autopilot to generate $695.34 per day.

You can get unlimited traffic, leads, and sales by adding interactive elements to ANY video, such as CTAs, buy now buttons, opt-in forms, e-commerce stores, and more.

Include any kind of goods or service within a video, accept payments with Stripe and PayPal, link with your AR, and include a lot more features like quizzes, a map, countdown timers, buy buttons, opt-in forms, and CTAs.

(It’s So Simple To Use, You Can Even Operate It With Voice Commands Like Siri)

With Just One Click, Take Over Any Video You Want From Vimeo, YouTube, or Custom Videos 

In just a few seconds, add interactive elements (buy now, opt-in forms, CTAs, etc.) and redirect millions of views and clicks to whatever link you choose. 

No editing or video creation at all 

Take Control Of A $24 BILLION Platform Using Our Sturdy AI Model… 

Advertise anything you choose, including e-commerce, affiliate goods, and your own goods or services. 

Use Interactive Elements To Directly Collect Leads From Within Your Videos… 

In the First Week, 34 Beta Testers Turned a Profit.

Easy for Novices: Even an 8-year-old Could Do It

Review of vAI: These Are Its Features:

Any video can be imported by AI in a matter of seconds.

Allow AI to Gather Hyper-Active List Straight From Any Imported Video

In any video, directly sell any product.

Step 1: Click Embed Anywhere on the Web 

Integrated AI Traffic Generator That Provides Us With Thousands Of Views At No Cost

Simple Setup Requires Just Two Minutes to Get Started

You can include as many AI interactive elements as you like in any video. 

You may add anything you want to any video, including call-to-actions, buy and download buttons, maps, share gates, and more.

Smooth Integration With Any Payment Processor And Autoresponder

No Promotions or Ads Are Needed. vAI Looks After You.

Guaranteed Uptime of 99.99%

ZERO Initial Expense

Money-back guarantee for 30 days

To access vAI FE and my exclusive bonuses worth $2000, click this link.

Review of vAI: What Advantages Does It Offer?

“LEGAL” AI Video Hijacker: We exploited the strongest AI on Google. “BAD” And we fully utilized it to our advantage, enabling us to control the whole video market. Whatever kind of video you want to take over doesn’t matter. vAI is on your side.

Include Interactive Elements in Any Video: vAI has a ton of AI interactive elements built right in.Your traffic, leads, and sales will skyrocket just from these interactive components. You can add them to other people’s videos, which is the nicest part. Simply add the components of your choosing. And let the magic of our AI happen. 

AI Hyper List Builder: Use any video to have leads automatically gathered by our AI model. Assemble opinions from others into your own list. All you have to do is incorporate our interactive leads module, and you will effortlessly get leads from every viewer. Compatible with any preferred autoresponder…

AI Call-To-Action Embedder: Instantaneously insert any desired call-to-action button into any desired video. You may direct these CTAs to whatever URL you choose, including blogs, eCom stores, affiliate links, websites, and URLs. 

AI E-Commerce Store: You may use vAI to sell any kind of goods or services—digital, physical, affiliate offers, etc.—straight from within any kind of video. This implies that you can market anything to millions of people. Once more, without making or altering any videos… 

AI “GATE” Video: Lock any video you wish to be accessible only when the spectator completes a specific task. It can be downloaded, shared, or subscribed to. Once the viewer does that, the video will be accessible to them automatically.

Made with AI, this landing page generator will allow you to put your newly pilfered video on a webpage. The best aspect is that nothing needs to be designed or written. All the content for that landing page will be created automatically by vAI, who will also handle the page’s design.

First, click Embed Anywhere to embed your video hijacked with all of your interactive additions. Simply copy and paste one line to anywhere. WordPress, Shopify, ClickFunnel, Convertri, Wix, and any bespoke website may all be integrated with vAI.

Get all the data you need in one simple-to-use dashboard with AI data analysis… Allow our AI system to examine everything for you. and allow you to make well-informed choices.

Lightning-fast video hosting: Should you want to use us to host your films, You’ll have access to our lightning-fast, limitless hosting. without limitations or delays, to host all of your videos. Say goodbye to exorbitant monthly payments to Vimeo, Wistia, and other platforms that host videos. 

Fully Customizable: With only a few clicks, change the appearance and feel of your film. Select the font, color, size, and other elements you desire. You don’t have to be skilled in design. Simply drag & drop.

AR Integration: You can quickly integrate any autoresponder you choose and begin lead collection. We are integrated with all of the main systems (MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, etc.). 

Payment Integration: Receive quick payments straight from your videos by integrating seamlessly with well-known payment processors like PayPal and Stripe. Making money has never been easier.

Gain access to a wealth of 5 million+ royalty-free photos, movies, graphics, and GIFs for your interactive video campaigns with the help of the “Access To 5 Million Stock Media Pack.” Your inventiveness is limitless!

NO Video Creation Or Editing: Neither video creation nor editing is done with vAI. We use vAI, Vimeo, or, if you want, custom videos as the source of all of our videos. You can be confident that there is absolutely no need for you to be on camera.

Integrated Free Traffic Source: Bid farewell to the battle for views and interaction. With just one click, generate endless viral exposure for your movies and watch as your sales skyrocket! Not using any spammers, and not paying for any advertisements.

30 Day Money Back Promise: You run no risk at all. For 30 days, you can test vAI for free. If, for whatever reason, you decide it’s not worth its weight in gold, then We only need a communication from you, and we’ll handle your refund within a day.

To access vAI FE and my exclusive bonuses worth $2000, click this link.

Step 1: log in to the vAI cloud-based application.

Step 2: Produce Enter Any Video (YouTube, Vimeo, or Custom Video) That You Would Like to Import.

Step3: AI Import: Allow Our AI Model to Import the Video and Add An Infinite Amount of Interactive Elements.

Step 4: Publish: That’s it, exactly.

To access vAI FE and my exclusive bonuses worth $2000, click this link.

Review of vAI: OTOs and Upsell Information are now available:

FE – $17 $1

First OTO: Infinite ($67) 

DoneForYou (OTO2) ($297) 

Automation is OTO3 ($47). 

Fast Profits ($47) in OTO 4 

OTO5: Infinite Views ($97)   

$677: Agency (OTO 6)  

Franchise Edition, OTO 7 ($97)  

OTO 8: Diverse Revenue ($47)

You have a ton of bonuses waiting for you, so act quickly to choose.

vAI Review: Bonus Offer

Bonus 1: Live vAI 6-Figure In 60 Days (Worth $1997)

Gain admission to our live mastermind event as a VIP, and take a look at our vAI underground system that helps us generate six figures in just sixty days. This is yours for free, and it’s worth five times what you will pay today!

Bonus 2: $697 worth of vAI YouTube Live Cash

Without needing to produce, record, or edit any videos, learn the “secret tricks” that can lead you straight to making enormous profits from YouTube live videos like never before. Mix with vAI to achieve amazing outcomes. 

Bonus 3: $697-worth of vAI Traffic Booster

Find Out The Best-Kept Tricks And Techniques For Increasing Traffic To Your vAI Videos & Landing Page And Increasing Sales! Utilize this approach to get around all of your traffic issues and see a flood of focused users hitting your website, videos, and offers. Every single day.

Bonus 4: $497 worth of vAI social media automation

Without putting in extra effort or attempting to sell anyone, you can get paid on automation using vAI to draw millions of these social media users to your interactive videos if you have a social media account. Almost any social media platform that has been integrated with your vAI app is compatible with this automation. 

Bonus 5: $697 worth of vAI Internet Marketing Goldmine

Find out the simplest method for starting a successful internet business.

You will lose out on the opportunity to be among the first to use this ground-breaking technology to dominate your industry if you don’t act soon.

Thus, avoid having that happen to you. Don’t regret paying more for the vAI—or, even worse, don’t regret purchasing it once it’s no longer available. Now grab your copy!

Review of vAI: My Exclusive Bonuses, Worth Over $2000:

Email Promotion

SEO Technician

Secrets of Social Marketing!

Amazing Affiliate Marketing Advantages

The 8 Keys to Successful TikTok Marketing

YouTube Overexposure

Internet Promotion for New Businesses

Frequently Asked Questions about vAI Review

Does starting off require any prior experience? 

Nope. None at all. The internet is all you need. And you can now proceed.

Does it have a monthly fee?

Depending None if you take action right now. But you could have to spend $997 a month if you wait. Choice is yours. 

We have ensured that the bundle you are going to purchase includes everything you require. There’s nothing more needed.  

Say I didn’t succeed.

We took all the risk away from you, even though that is doubtful. We will reimburse you for every penny you spent if you tried vAI and, as a token of our regret for wasting your time, we will also give you additional software as a gift. 

In what manner might I begin?

Fantastic, I appreciate your zeal, To obtain your copy of vAI for a one-time payment, simply click any of the buy links on the page.

Review of vAI: How can I receive My Exclusive bonuses?

It’s Simple

It Only Takes 3 Easy Steps for You to Get Your Extra Exclusive Bonuses.

Step 1: To receive the early bird discount, click BUY NOW.

Step 2: Send me an email at [email protected] with your screenshot or receipt after the transaction is complete, and I’ll verify your purchase.

Step 3: Relax and enjoy your special bonuses in less than a day.

To access vAI FE and my exclusive bonuses worth $2000, click this link.

I Really Appreciate You Taking the Time to Read My vAI Review.

Take advantage of this limited-time, risk-free offer now, and be among the first to receive large bonuses.

To access vAI FE and my exclusive bonuses worth $2000, click this link.





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