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Stop Forgetting your Phone – TIME BUSINESS NEWS

Our phone is the most powerful and prominent tool through which we can update ourselves on what is happening in every corner of the world. With the phone, we have instant access to all of the information that we need for our daily activities and even for work. It would be incredibly frustrating and stressful if we were to forget our phones or lose it somewhere. Losing a phone is extremely inconvenient and it disturbs our daily activities, which we rely heavily on our phones for including transportation, food, news, and social media. Forgetting our phones and leaving them behind at home, at a restaurant, cafe, or work causes us to wastes a lot of time when we can be focused on other more important things. It seems natural for all of us to have a need for a phone reminder device to stop us from forgetting our phone.  Losing our phone even once can have dire consequences for us and cause a lot of disruption in our daily lives.

A helpful solution would be a device that would connect with our phones and alert us once we (and the device) are out of range of the phone. Using an app may not be ideal because once out of range you won’t be able to locate the phone, especially if someone has it and it’s on the move. Additionally, having an app constantly running in the background can drain your phone’s battery.

Here are a few notable ways to stop forgetting your phone.

1) Prox PRD® – Phone Reminder Device

The most effective and useful solution to never forget your phone is to use the Prox PRD® phone reminder device. The Prox PRD is the most practical device that pairs with your phone within just 30 seconds. It does not use an app and it alerts you before you leave your phone behind. There is no registration or subscription. The PRD doesn’t track your location and it gives you 100% privacy. The Prox PRD uses a replaceable CR2032 battery that has an estimated battery life of up to one-year. The Prox PRD is compatible with Apple iPhones, Samsung, and Google Pixel.

The Prox PRD, never collects or sell user information, and that includes location data. The Prox PRD is strong, light (0.4 oz), and compact (just 6.5mm thick).  It uses Bluetooth® BLE wireless technology and is extremely dependable.

The Prox PRD offers six features, all of which can be accessed with a single button: connection check, remote selfie clicker, alert distance adjustment, alert tune adjustment, home and travel mode toggle, and nap mode.  This set of features provides an excellent user experience that can help users cater it to their specific environment.  It is also available for purchase either directly through their website or via Amazon.

The proclivity of proximity alert devices to mistakenly alert is a widespread issue.  The Prox PRD has patent pending Advanced Alert Technology™ that minimizes false alerts.

2) Keep your phone in the same area

People have a habit of leaving their phones in inconvenient spots around the house. One of the best ways to stop forgetting it is to always keep it in the same place so that you don’t forget it. Regularity is what builds a pattern that will aid in knowing where your phone is when leaving the house every day.

3) Set up a phone app and share it with family members

Another convenient method to stop forgetting your phone is to download an app and share it with family members who will be able to help you in locating your phone if you lose it. The phone app allows you to track your phone after you’ve lost it, assuming you are within range of your phone, that is.

4) Tile

Tile is another idea to consider. This little finder attaches to almost everything and pairs with your phone via an app and assists you in tracking your personal items.




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