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I’m manager of one of the most followed teams in the world – we’ll beat The Sidemen with Goldbridge ball

Mark Goldbridge is hoping some key defensive additions can help his YouTube all-stars succeed in what promises to be one of the weekend’s most watched games.

West Ham’s London Stadium hosts the influencer match against Sidemen FC after the sell out at Charlton’s Valley last year.


Sidemen FC take on the YouTube All-Stars on SaturdayCredit: Sidemen
Goldbridge will be back in the dugout


Goldbridge will be back in the dugout

The match, again taking place during an international break, may well be one of the highest viewed fixtures of the weekend with no Premier League action on offer.

Last year Sidemen FC won a thrilling match against the YouTube all-stars 8-7 and a live stream bursting with views saw the game raise £2million for charity.

This year, KSI will play in goal – a month out from his fight with Tommy Fury – while the individual with more than 180 million subscribers on YouTube, MrBeast, will again take part alongside a handful of his friends and co-stars.

Coaching MrBeast along with Chunkz and IShowSpeed will be talkSPORT’s resident Manchester United expert Goldbridge, who is hoping to get revenge for last year’s defeat.

I'm a Premier League keeper - Kane's the best finisher but the Sidemen will surprise you
Mark Clattenburg who got whipped by IShowSpeed will again referee Sidemen charity match

“I’m back again managing the YouTube all-stars in the sidemen charity game which is fantastic,” he said.

“It’s for charity which is brilliant, I was lucky enough to be part of it last year at Charlton, now it’s West Ham so double the attendance and hopefully double the atmosphere.

“It’s a great game, the thing about this is it’s a collection of influencers who are doing it to raise money for charity. The downside of that as a coach is it’s a very big mixture of fitness levels and quality.”

Discussing his squad, Goldbridge added: “Speed’s back, we had a very interesting dynamic last year and obviously you’ve got some very good players on the Sidemen side of things.

“As a coach, you’re literally given some players right before so you’ve just got to try and get your key principals across as a coach. The ‘Goldbridgeball’ thing was quite big last year in relation to how we played and I think we’ll just try and keep it simple.

“If I can get two people to play centre-back who can actually play centre-back I’ll be very happy and if we can get a goalkeeper who can actually get their body in the way then I think we’ll be in with a chance.”

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