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‘I don’t want to be Spurs’ – Mark Goldbridge’s half-time team talk backfires as YouTube All-Stars bottle Sidemen Charity Match

Mark Goldbridge channelled his inner Sir Alex Ferguson by delivering an impassioned half-time team talk at the Sidemen Charity Match.

Goldbridge, a die-hard Manchester United fan, was in charge of YouTube All-Stars against the Sidemen, with a team that included IShowSpeed, Mr Beast, Chunkz and Yung Filly among other leading content creators.


talkSPORT host Goldbrige led an impassioned team talk at the London StadiumCredit: Twitter: Mark Goldbridge
The Man United fan was channeling his inner Sir Alex with that one


The Man United fan was channeling his inner Sir Alex with that one

With the scores at a sellout London Stadium level at 2-2 at the break, talkSPORT host Goldbridge was tasked with rallying his troops, which led to the sort of motivation talk that would have been more suited to the film, Coach Carter.

He couldn’t resist sneaking in a dig at Premier League rivals Tottenham in the process, but it turns out his team were the real bottlers…

Speaking to the YouTube All-Stars, Goldbridge said: “Teamwork is what is going to make the dream work.

“We were fantastic – we won more hearts last year than them, we won more hearts than a puppy on Christmas Eve looking for a home.

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“We’re going to do it again, but I don’t want to be Spurs, I want to be Real Madrid – I don’t want to win hearts, I want to win trophies, so that’s what we’re going to do.

“This is about determination, it’s about teamwork and the only thing that can beat us is fear and what have you got to be scared of? Look around, you’re all on the same team.

“Fear will hurt us. Fear will make you tired and grind you down. Fear will be the defeat of this team, but that cannot happen.

“What have we got to be fearful of? Does fear exist in this dressing room? Exactly, fear will drag us down. We are strong… at the end of the day believe and dream and we will succeed.

Unfortunately the second half didn't go to plan with YouTube All-Stars conceding four goals in the first 17 minutes of the second half


Unfortunately the second half didn’t go to plan with YouTube All-Stars conceding four goals in the first 17 minutes of the second half

“They want to beat us, we want to win. This is about ruthless desire to win and everybody is going to be involved in this.

“You will be massive in whatever role you play because it’s hot out there and we are a team.

“We are Cobra Kai FC. No mercy! We are Rocky Balboa FC. Every champion started off as a contender who fought hard to become what they are, a winner!

“We are Maximus Gladiator FC. What we do today goes for eternity!

“We are Jaws FC – if we see the Sidemen on a f***ing lilo we eat it”

“This is about winning – who wants to f***ing win?! They want to destroy you, who wants to win?!

“I said, who wants to win? Well go out there and f***ing win! Come on!”

While Goldbridge’s team talk clearly had his side pumped up for the second-half, they maybe peaked too early.

The YouTube All-Stars conceded four goals in just 17 minutes after the break to put the Sidemen firmly in control.

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The All-Stars did have enough in the tank to muster a late comeback, but it was too little, too late as the Sidemen sealed a 8-5 victory.

So after his cheeky dig at Tottenham, it turned out it was his team that was Spursy.




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