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5 tips for branding your online content

Content marketing is rapidly gaining popularity due to its simplicity and proven potentials for revenue building. These professional tips can teach you how to properly promote your brand through this innovative marketing channel.

There are numerous ways to take advantage of the digital landscape to ramp up your following, for example starting a company blog or having an active social presence. However, even if your posts go viral, that still won’t guarantee a tangible impact on the bottom line. To truly benefit from online visibility, you need to carefully brand your content and embed messages that reinforce your values and motivate the customers to try your guest posting services by Outreach Media Agency.

Here are a few great tips that could help you derive the most value from online content:

Connect the brand with current events

Attention span is very short in the modern media space and hot topics don’t last very long. Companies looking to ride the momentum created by the real-world events have only a brief opportunity window in which to act. Twitting content related to the upcoming Olympics would be a great idea for any company operating in the sports or health industries, but the timing needs to be perfect. If you wait until the opening ceremony to launch such a campaign, you might already be late.

Be transparent

The last thing you want to do is mislead your potential customers. It is virtually impossible to maintain the façade forever and any short term gains achieved by pushing commercial content as ‘neutral journalism’ will be greatly overshadowed by the reputation hit that will surely follow after you get discovered. If the piece of content is sponsored by a business, that fact needs to be clearly stated, preferably bearing the signature of the sponsor on the top of the page.

Maintain cross-platform consistency

Modern corporate communications are anything but linear, and they usually involve a flurry of activities on various digital platforms – from company website and social media accounts to independent outlets such as media sites or industry portals. It is absolutely essential that a company can unify the message it sends to prospective customers and make it consistent from one interface to another.

Use visual language

Customers need to become familiar with basic visual elements associated with your brand, i.e. logo, primary colors, graphic patterns… These same elements are used for sales and advertising purposes, so their appearance online fits right into the plan. Customers are more likely to trust a brand they can recognize, and digital content provides plenty of space to promote your identity through visual means.

Generate some creative buzz

The content you deliver to your followers needs to be interesting and engaging. Simply piling up information about your company won’t make your content very attractive. Including bits and pieces of wisdom coming you picked up around the web can be a good idea under the right circumstances. Websites offer a lot of suitable content and can be used as a model – its owner David claims that he gets a lot of inquiries about his content structure, even from much larger companies.




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