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Football news LIVE: Southgate defends Maguire, Bellingham puts on England masterclass, Manchester United’s Sancho deletes Ten Hag message

Ange Postecoglou certainly made an impression on Simon Jordan, who spoke glowingly about the Tottenham manager after his chat with talkSPORT this morning.

The former Crystal Palace chairman says ‘there’s a lot to be happy with at Spurs right now’.

Jordan said about the boss: “He’s a grown-up. It’s a grown-up conversation. He is like the archetypal antipodean Australian with this culture of speaking plainly and succinctly and telling you what their expectations are and not looking for blame attribution, not making it about everybody else’s fault.

“Now, we will see, as the relationship unfolds and the key factors that have come into play in previous relationships with Daniel and Ange come to pass, but what you’ve got there in the initial instance is a manager who wanted to be there. He wanted to be there. These other guys didn’t want to be there. They were doing people a favour, taking a really big job at a really big football club and a really big salary.

“I’m talking about Conte and Mourinho. I think they’re both grown-ups in a different way, but there are different stages of their career and their different personalities.

“And there’s something about the Australian, not all of them, but certainly a lot of them, their mentality, which is about winning and what it takes to win and the substance of a character. And what you heard there was a substantial football manager talking in terms that wasn’t driven by motivity, wasn’t driven by self-aggrandising, was driven by determination.

“And he talked about wanting to be there. Now, of course, this is an interview where, at this moment in time, things are going his way, and I’d like to see what kind of manager he is under adversity. I think we saw a little bit of that at the beginning when he first went to Celtic because it didn’t start at Celtic on fire. They got beaten the first game against Rangers at Ibrox…

“But I think Tottenham fans listening to that would say, that’s an interesting interview. There’s no grandstanding. There’s no BS in that conversation. If you ask him a question, you’ll get an answer. He’s not going to tell you when he’s going to win the Premier League and what they’re going to look like.

“I think, like I’ve always felt, this is a proper grown-up football manager at the right stage in his career. I think they’ve got a live one here and I think there’s a real opportunity and I think he and Daniel will work well together.

“This guy feels, for me, with the fit of Tottenham Hotspur, the right fit. He sees Tottenham Hotspur as the opportunity, not the stepping stone. That is a very good mix for a football manager, football club relationship. I think there’s a lot to be happy with at Spurs right now.

“The Harry Kane, hangover, that will disappear. Everything moves on and you’ve got a team now that’s beginning to look like they’ve got a leader that actually has a direction in mind and will do what it takes to produce an outcome, both in the playing style and in the winning department.”




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