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EA Sports FC 24 – New Experiences, Challenges, Players Ratings & Coins


When we start talking about football-related computer games, we always think of these impressive masterpieces. For example, Football Manager, and FIFA. As we know, as live football continues to decline in recent years, the FIFA series of football games has gradually become the representative work of current football.

FIFA is a football game series jointly developed by FIFA and EA game manufacturers. However, due to copyright and various reasons, the upcoming FC 24 will break away from FIFA and become an exclusive football game under EA. As a work in the post-FIFA era, FC 24 has cross-generational significance.

EA Sports FC 24 uses a brand-new engine, and with the support of new technology, many well-known current players have their own exclusive actions. For example, exclusive running postures, exclusive dribbling postures, exclusive shooting postures, and exclusive penalty kick postures. Therefore, compared with its predecessor, EA FC 24 coins has been greatly improved in terms of realism, allowing players to better enjoy the fun that football brings to them. In terms of UT, a new “work out” card opening scenario for two people has been added, allowing the majority of UT players to have a better, more exciting card opening experience.

Personal Career

An economic man system has been added, so that players who have single-player experience can better experience their own personal player career. When experiencing a player’s personal career, the agent will recommend relevant transferable teams to you based on your requirements and your current performance on the field. It is easier for players to achieve faster transfers and improve your personal player career experience.

Updated Manager Mode

The training modes of previous generations will be replaced by new training modes starting from FC 24, and the previously proposed standard of sharpness increasing capability will be deleted. In the new training mode, assistant coaches will be added, and the assistant coaches will conduct special training for the players to improve the ability values of the players in the team.

In the new manager mode, a new tactical board system has also been added, adding It contains many tactical systems currently used by coaches in real games, such as defensive counterattacks, long passes, tiki-taka and other football tactical boards, providing you with more diverse tactical options so that players can play what they like.

After that, in terms of player ability updates, many new players have been added, and many player ability values have been updated. It is lamentable that an era ended with Messi’s victory. Because Messi went to the US Professional League and Ronaldo went to Saudi Arabia, their ability values have declined to a certain extent. Ronaldo’s OVR is under 90 for the first time.

However, with the death of old players, new players will be born. A new era dominated by Mbappe, Harland and others is coming. Both of their OVR have exceeded 90 and have become new game masters. Judging from the relevant content disclosed so far, FC 24 does have its own ambitions. It has made considerable innovations in terms of engine, technology, and career mode. It is one of the new football games worth playing.

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