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How to Take Care of Your Robot Vacuum?

Your robot vacuum is a device that should take care of the cleaning of the floors of your house but just like any other tool, the robot vacuum also needs some maintenance and cleaning. You still have to implement some steps in order to keep the robot vacuum functioning and doing its job as the main floor cleaner of the house. Here are steps on how to maintain your robot vacuum.

Ways to Care for Your Robot Vacuum

You Need to Clean Your Robot Vacuum

You may have looked at your robot vacuum as the one cleaning the house all the time. But this device also requires maintenance and regular inspection. You do not want your device to work tirelessly day in and day out and then find out that a major part of it is not working well. This will result in more of its parts not working and will eventually lead to the malfunctioning of the whole device

To clean your robot vacuum, you must check the manual of your device. Most of the time, the steps on how to open the robot vacuum and clean the interior should be stated in the manual included in the box.

The usual maintenance on the device is the replacement of air filters. You also need to check the brushes and rollers of the robot vacuum to know if some, or all of it require replacement. If the robot vacuum is not functioning well, you can look at the sensor to see if dirt and dust have blocked the sensors. You may also want to check the vacuum itself if it can provide maintenance tips for you.

You Need to Inspect Your Robot Vacuum

The robot vacuum inspection should be done daily, weekly, and monthly. You have to clean the bin of the robot vacuum daily so that it will not be filled with trash. You should also check the wheels to see if there is pet hair stuck on them.

You should check the status of your brushes and wheels weekly. This is a visual inspection of the current ability of these parts to actually remove the dirt and dust from the floors of the house. You must also make sure that the wheels of the robot vacuum do not have dents that may prevent the vacuum from moving freely from one part of the house to another. When a robot vacuum cannot move with ease, it may cause it to heat up and not function well.

You should also check the charging contacts and sensors of your robot vacuum every month. You may also do some cleaning of the brushes because these parts are the ones that remove the dirt from the floor.

You Need to Clean the Brushes

To clean the main brush, you should remove it from the device and clean it with warm water and dish soap. You then have to let it dry completely before reinstalling it to the robot vacuum.


The robot vacuum is such a great and dependable device that you can leave it working in your home in the morning until night. Because of its ability to return to its charging station when it has depleted its battery, you are sure that it will continue to do its job of cleaning your floors. By doing the recommendations of how to care for your robot vacuum, you are also extending its life and usability. It will continue to be at its peak performance because you have also cleaned its parts and made sure that every aspect of its functionality is working.




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