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7 Outstanding Ways To Increase Your Social Media Growth Using Trending Hashtags


Hey there, social media enthusiast! If you’re eager to amplify your brand’s voice or even your personal brand, then understanding the role of hashtags, especially the trending ones, is crucial. They’re not just symbols and words; they’re a powerful tool to drive conversations, boost engagement, and help you tap into larger audiences. In this article, we’ll unearth seven compelling strategies that leverage trending hashtags to magnify your social media growth.

What Makes a Hashtag Trend?

Ever stumbled upon a hashtag and pondered its origin or traction? While some trends are spontaneous, others are the result of well-crafted promotional Instagram strategies. A hashtag trends when it garners widespread attention and becomes a buzzword across the platform.

Trending hashtags, much like real-life trends, have a life cycle. Some may last just a few hours, while others, especially those rooted in global events or causes, can persist for days or even weeks.

Increasing Visibility:

The digital world is vast. In this ocean of content, trending hashtags are like lighthouses, guiding users to explore specific themes or conversations. By employing a trending hashtag, you effectively place your content under this spotlight, making it discoverable to a much larger and active audience beyond your followers.

Enhancing Engagement:

Trending hashtags aren’t just about visibility; they’re hotspots of activity. Participating actively in these conversations ensures that your brand stays relevant and can lead to increased interactions, be it likes, comments, shares, or even follows.

At their core, hashtags are community builders. They cluster content under themes, enabling users with shared interests to interact, discuss, and forge connections. By consistently engaging with trending hashtags, brands can foster and nurture their community, driving loyalty and advocacy.

In the dynamic world of social media, timing is paramount. Being an early adopter of a trend can provide a significant advantage. Tools like Trendsmap or RiteTag offer real-time insights into trending hashtags. But here’s a pro-tip: always evaluate a hashtag’s relevance to your brand before jumping in. Riding a trend that’s misaligned with your brand voice or values can do more harm than good.

Recall the iconic #ShareACoke campaign by Coca-Cola? Now, fuse the magic of such brand-centric hashtags with the expansive reach of trending ones. By doing this, you not only reinforce brand recall but also expand your content’s reach to diverse audiences.

Engage with Content under the Hashtag

It’s not merely about plastering your content with a trending hashtag. Being a genuine participant in the conversation is equally vital. Engage with other posts, share insights, leave thoughtful comments, and encourage dialogues. Genuine interactions always stand out and can lead to meaningful relationships and collaborations.

Collaborate with Influencers Using the Hashtag

Influencers, with their vast and engaged follower bases, can be your golden ticket. Teaming up with them, especially those who are actively engaging with a trending hashtag, can exponentially magnify your reach and impact. However, always strive for authentic collaborations that resonate with both your brand and the influencer’s audience.

Host Giveaways and Contests

Who doesn’t love the allure of freebies? Spice up your giveaways or contests by integrating trending hashtags. Not only does this enhance participation, but it also amplifies the event’s visibility across the platform. Looking to buy Instagram followers? Ensure they’re genuine to maintain authenticity!

Create Relevant Content Around the Hashtag

Crafting unique and engaging content around a trending hashtag can be your ticket to virality. Recall the #IceBucketChallenge? Its success was driven by user-generated content, each adding their spin to the challenge. Be creative, be authentic, and most importantly, ensure your content aligns with the spirit of the hashtag.

Turn the tables and be the educator. Share intriguing insights, backstories, or even analytics related to a trending hashtag. Such content not only positions your brand as an industry thought leader but also empowers your audience, leading to richer engagements.


Social media is ever-changing, but with trending hashtags, brands have a compass to navigate its vastness. So, when a hashtag starts trending, will you harness its potential to boost Instagram engagement?


How can I identify trending hashtags?

There are several tools like Trendsmap, RiteTag, and Hashtagify designed to provide insights into trending hashtags across various platforms.

Is it beneficial to always use trending hashtags?

While they offer enhanced visibility, it’s crucial to ensure that they align with your content and brand voice.

How many hashtags should one use in a post?

While this varies across platforms, it’s always recommended to strike a balance. Overloading a post with hashtags can make it look spammy.

Do hashtags function similarly across all social platforms?

The core function remains the same, but their effectiveness can vary based on the platform’s algorithm and user behavior.

Can using unrelated trending hashtags be detrimental?

Absolutely! It can be perceived as spam or trying too hard, potentially harming your brand’s reputation.




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