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Most Authentic Allen Bradley 1756-EN3TR ControlLogix Module 

History of Allen Bradley

In 1903, Allen Bradley was established as a producer of electrical machinery. In the 1960s, the business started working on its first programmable logic controller (PLC). The “programmable sequencer” was the first PLC, and it was used to automate a number of production processes. Allen Bradley has continued to create new PLCs with different characteristics. 

Overview of Allen Bradley 

This product delivers the best controllable features that are built to maximize system performance as a whole. Additionally, it supports about 31 I/O modules, which may be easily found in high-speed counters, digital output and input, as well as analog input and output. Additional capabilities like the Allen Bradley 1756-EN3TR include isolated, reversed, and isolated AC output and input modules. 

Modern technologies are essential in the area of industrial automation since they maximize production, minimize downtime, and guarantee smooth operations. Allen-Bradley, a well-known brand for industrial automation solutions, is one of the industry pioneers in this field. 

Allen Bradley 1756-EN3TR Industrial Automation:

The Allen-Bradley 1756-EN3TR is a little but mighty PLC created to handle the rigorous demands of industrial applications. It is a member of the highly regarded Allen-Bradley CompactLogix family, which is known for its performance, scalability, and dependability. This cutting-edge PLC offers a variety of capabilities that enable automation engineers to improve efficiency all around.

Key Features:

  • Memory and Storage: This PLC has substantial memory and storage capabilities, enabling it to handle sophisticated applications and big data sets. This guarantees that it can manage significant industrial operations without making any compromises.
  •  Compact Design: The Allen Bradley small size enables it to easily fit in locations with limited space. Because of its tiny size and uncompromised functionality, it is a flexible solution for many sectors.
  • Integrated Communication: This PLC has a number of communication connections, including USB and EtherNet/IP, which enable easy connection to other systems and equipment. 
  •  Processing power: The Allen Bradley 1756-EN3TR is equipped with a powerful processor that offers blazing-fast execution of ladder logic and data handling. Because of its ability for real-time responsiveness, it is appropriate for high-speed applications.
  • Enhanced Security: Security is paramount in today’s connected world, and the 1756-EN3TR addresses this concern with advanced security features, protecting critical data and preventing unauthorised access.

Allen Bradley 1756-EN3TR CompactLogix Controller Specifications:

  •  Flexibility and Scalability: It supports a wide range of I/O modules, giving engineers the freedom to configure the PLC according to their specific application requirements. 
  •  I/O Capacity: The Allen Bradley 1756-EN3TR is part of the CompactLogix family, known for its flexibility and scalability. It can support a wide range of I/O modules, allowing users to configure the PLC according to their specific needs.
  •  Compact Design: As the name suggests, CompactLogix controllers are designed to be compact, making them suitable for applications with limited space.
  •  Integrated Motion Capabilities: This controller may have built-in motion capabilities, enabling precise control of motion systems and applications.
  •  Integrated Safety Features: The 1756-EN3TR might include integrated safety functions, allowing users to implement safety features directly within the PLC without the need for additional safety controllers.
  • Programming Software: To program and configure the PLC, users typically use Allen-Bradley’s Studio 5000 software, a widely used programming environment for Rockwell Automation products.      
  • Processor: The 1756-EN3TR is equipped with a powerful processor capable of handling complex automation tasks and high-speed applications.
  •  Memory: It features a significant amount of memory for program storage and data handling, allowing for the management of extensive applications.
  • Communication: The controller supports multiple communication interfaces, including EtherNet/IP and USB, enabling seamless integration into industrial networks and facilitating data exchange with other devices.


The Allen Bradley 1756-EN3TR is suitable for a diverse range of industrial applications:

  •  Manufacturing: From discrete manufacturing to batch processing, this PLC can streamline production lines and enhance product quality.
  •  Packaging: The PLC’s high-speed processing capability makes it ideal for demanding packaging applications that require precision and efficiency.
  • Material Handling: Its compact design and robust performance make it an excellent choice for material handling systems, ensuring smooth and safe transportation of goods.
  • Oil & Gas: The 1756-EN3TR resilience and integrated communication options make it well-suited for monitoring and controlling complex processes in the oil and gas industry.
  • Water/Wastewater Management: With its reliable performance and scalability, this PLC can efficiently manage water treatment and distribution processes.


The Allen Bradley 1756-EN3TR is proof that industrial automation technology is always improving. Contact GE (GeEquipment) for a better quality PLC module. It equips companies to increase production and efficiency thanks to its processing power, small size, integrated communication, and improved security features. This PLC functions as a dependable and adaptable automation solution in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, packaging, material handling, and others.


 1. Can the 1756-EN3TR be integrated into existing automation systems?

Yes, the PLC supports various communication protocols, such as EtherNet/IP, allowing easy integration into existing industrial networks and systems 

2. What are the power supply requirements for the Allen Bradley 1756-EN3TR?

The specific power supply voltage requirements for PLCs may vary, and it is essential to refer to the product documentation or datasheet for the accurate voltage range and power consumption details.

3. Does Allen Bradley have built-in security features?

Yes, it may include integrated security features to protect critical data and prevent unauthorised access. These features contribute to maintaining the security and integrity of the automation system.




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