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Maximizing Hotel Bookings with Technology Advancements

Leveraging Technology to Boost Bookings in Hotels 

Technology is making headlines in the hospitality industry. From traditional systems and software to emerging technologies, hotels are leveraging all that tech professionals have to offer to elevate guest experience and streamline operations.    

In this blog, starting with the role of technology in hotels, we will learn the usage of technology to boost bookings in hotels. 

How can technology help the hotel industry? 

Technology in the hospitality industry is an inevitable trend. With so many guests to look after, the staff is always on its toes. Moreover, their responsibility is not limited to just the guests staying at the property but also the potential guests, reaching out to inquire about the hotel services. 

A hotel website simplifies website creation with customizable templates, making it easy to create a professional hotel website that showcases your property and attracts guests, Here is where BOTSHOT CreateWith comes in Hotel Website Builder Software. 

Thus, with so much going on, day and night, technology enhances and supplements the efforts of the hospitality staff. From automated check-in/out, and AI chatbot for room service, to automated marketing and feedback management, technology helps a hotel enhance efficiency in its operations and earn happy guests. 

In a highly competitive hospitality landscape, technology allows hotels to run, and flourish sustainably. The smoother the guest journey is, the more repeat business a hotel stands to earn. Technology helps a hotel to stand out, reduces the room for human error and costs, and increases revenue generation avenues. It further helps a hotel lower staff workload, especially during the peak season, and utilize the saved time to forge connections with the guests, ensuring warm hospitality. 

Hotels experience more efficiency and accuracy in their daily tasks, irrespective of their size, as well as fulfill the expectations of contemporary guests, belonging to the digital era.    

For hotel bookings, in particular, technology such as websites with integrated booking engines can help a hotel boost direct bookings and its revenue. 

Let’s learn about bookings through a website in the next section. 

Boost your Booking Process with a Hotel Website 

A hotel website is a boon for business. It gives the much-desired and required visibility to the hotel and lets it create a brand image as well as a solid first impression through the brand story, property pictures, website themes, aesthetics, etc. Websites give hotels the chance to tell their own story, in their way.   

Not only this, but websites also help hotels earn higher revenue through direct bookings. A website that is integrated with a booking engine allows visitors to make bookings with the hotel itself. It is one of the key technologies to boost bookings in hotels.  

While this helps hotels earn direct revenue, without deduction of any OTA commission on each booking, it allows visitors to avail offers, deals, and personalized marketing campaigns that hotels have to offer. It’s a win-win. Both hotels and guests stand to benefit from a website with a hotel booking engine. 

Therefore, a hotel website helps a hotel to: 

  • Create brand image and awareness 
  • Create brand visibility with SEO (search engine optimization) 
  • Enhance guest experience 
  • Offer relevant hotel information and details 
  • Increase direct booking for hotels 
  • Improve customer service 
  • Offer personalized deals, offers, and subscription models 

Hotel booking websites are thus an essential and lucrative component for any hotel business. It saves the commission paid to the OTAs on every booking as well as enhances the potential guest’s experience. 

Learn, How to Create a hotel website today and move with your guest! 

Utilize Technology for Maximizing Hotel Bookings and Revenue 

Therefore, if you want to boost hotel bookings and revenue and at the same time, offer curated offers, deals, and packages to your guests, then a website with a hotel booking engine is the way to go. This website must embody the brand’s ethos, values, and aesthetics.    

Moreover, it should give out all the relevant hotel information to make it worth a visit. A hotel website should be comprehensive and appealing. There are in fact, a lot of tools that can help a hotel create its custom website with minimum effort and minimal to no technical knowledge and skills.    

One of the best options for creating a hotel website is CreateWith. It helps a hotel build a smart website with a booking engine and multiple currencies for international business. CreateWith allows you to customize it to align with the hotel’s unique requirements and style. Furthermore, this smart website builder develops an SEO and mobile-friendly website that caters to diverse travel segments. 

Author Bio 

Shubhneet Gulati is the Digital Marketing Executive at BOTSHOT, leveraging his extensive experience in the Hospitality Industry. With a passion for digital marketing and a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in the hospitality sector, He performs extensive research on Hotel Operation Solutions, streamlining processes to enhance guest experiences and optimize operations. His expertise transforms hotels into efficient, guest-centric establishments. 




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