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10 Mind-Blowing New Technologies That Can Change the World

From holographic displays on your phone to smart tattoos that can track your health, the future is coming at us fast. The future is unwritten but these up and coming technologies are about to rewrite the rules of what’s possible.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are technologies that are advancing rapidly and changing our world in dramatic ways.

Machine Learning Powers Recommendation Engines

It’s machine learning, analyzing your viewing and shopping history to recommend similar items. These types of AI make ecommerce and media streaming more personalized.

5G Networks

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5G Networks

The 5th generation of cellular networks is here and it’s about to change everything.

Lightning Fast Speeds

5G networks are up to 100 times faster than current 4G LTE networks. That means no more waiting for pages to load or videos to buffer.

Massive Device Connectivity

5G networks can connect many more devices at once, up to 1 million per square mile. This enables new smart cities and communities with connected infrastructure like traffic lights, parking meters, and waste management. It also allows for remote monitoring of equipment and infrastructure over large areas. The increased bandwidth and lower latency of 5G will enable virtual reality and augmented reality applications on mobile devices too.

5G technology has the potential to improve and enrich many areas of our lives with smarter cities, intelligent automation, and enhanced mobile experiences.

Some exciting ways VR may be used in the future include:

•Virtual tourism – “Visit” exotic locations from the comfort of home. •Virtual social interaction – Meet up with friends or colleagues in a virtual space. •VR education – Take field trips to historic locations or explore topics in an immersive way. •VR training – Practice dangerous or complex tasks in a risk-free virtual environment. •VR gaming – Play games where you’re in the center of the action. Popular VR games today include Beat Saber, Superhot VR, and Moss.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR overlays digital content on the real world. Using your mobile device camera, AR can add contextual information, 3D visuals, and more to the spaces around you. Popular AR apps today include Snap chat filters, Pokémon Go, and IKEA Place.

Some potential future uses of AR include:

•AR navigation – Get live navigation directions overlaid on the road in front of you. •AR shopping – See how furniture, décor or outfits would look in your own space before you buy.

•AR learning – Get additional info about landmarks, exhibits or topics of interest just by pointing your camera. •AR productivity – Have multiple virtual screens for work that you can place anywhere. Get reminders, to-do lists and more overlaid on your surroundings.

Some of the coolest robots under development include:

Social robots that can understand speech, gestures and facial expressions to assist and interact with people. They may serve as companions for the elderly or help children learn.

Swarm robots that work together in large numbers to accomplish complex tasks like search and rescue operations or precision farming.

Soft robots made of pliable materials that can grasp and manipulate objects of various shapes and sizes. They may handle fragile items without damaging them.

The robot revolution will transform many industries and free up humans to be more creative and do more meaningful work. However, it may also significantly impact jobs and the economy. New roles will emerge, but many traditional jobs are at risk of automation.


Delivery drones can transport small packages, medical supplies and food. Companies like Amazon and UPS are testing drone delivery systems.

Inspection drones can access hard to reach areas to monitor infrastructure like bridges, power lines, and pipelines. They can detect damage or flaws early.

Advances in robotics and drones will bring both opportunities and challenges. But they have the potential to vastly improve our lives by enhancing our capabilities, increasing productivity and efficiency, and taking over dangerous jobs. The future is here, and it’s robotic!

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