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What Way the Deleted Instagram Posts Can Be Viewed (Yours or Someone Else’s)

Instagram is a widely used social media platform for sharing moments through photos and videos. However, there may be times when you or others accidentally delete a post and wish to retrieve it. Is there a way to view such profile info? Instagram provides an option to recover deleted Instagram posts within 30 days of their original deletion – the option is available in the latest version of the app, so make sure to update it in the Apple Store or Google Play.

Let’s consider how to see deleted Instagram posts, whether yours or someone else’s. Also, we provide some info inspired by the Instaviewer app service, the reliable source of third-party apps for monitoring. So, be sure to check out everything you need. 

How to view deleted Instagram photos? Losing IG photos can be distressing, but fear not – there are potential methods to recover deleted photos from your Instagram account. The platform doesn’t provide a built-in feature to retrieve deleted content, but you can explore the below-mentioned options to recover your cherished photos. 

Method 1: Check Your Archive

How to find deleted Instagram posts, especially if they’re your own? One way is by checking the Archive feature. Instagram allows users to archive posts instead of permanently deleting them. 

To check if your deleted photos are in the archive:

  • Open Instagram and tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner.
  • Go to “Settings,” then “Account,” and finally, “Archived.”
  • Here, you can view and restore any posts you’ve archived, including those deleted.

Method 2: Utilize Third-Party Recovery Tools

Some third-party applications claim to assist in recovering lost content. Exercise caution and choose reputable tools to maintain the security of your account. These tools may help you retrieve accidentally deleted Instagram posts. Stay tuned for more methods to view deleted Instagram posts, both yours and someone else’s.

Method 3: Contact Instagram Support

If the above methods don’t work, try contacting IG support. Although there’s no guarantee of recovery, explaining your situation and seeking assistance is worth a try. Visit the official Instagram support website to get in touch and describe your issue. Keep reading to explore more about how to see deleted posts on Instagram.

Archive Instagram Posts – Steps to Do It

Instagram’s “Archive” feature is a valuable tool that allows you to temporarily hide posts from your profile without losing them permanently. Whether you want to declutter your profile, temporarily hide posts, or organize your content, archiving Instagram posts can be valuable. Here’s how you can effectively use this feature:

Method 1: Archiving an Instagram Post

  • Select a Post: Start by opening the Instagram app and navigating to the post you want to archive.
  • Access Options: Tap on the three dots (…) in the post’s top right corner. This will open a menu of options for that post.
  • Archive the Post: From the menu, select “Archive.” The post will be removed from your profile and placed into your archive.

Method 2: Accessing Archived Posts

  • Navigate to Your Profile: Tap on your profile picture at the bottom right corner to go to your profile.
  • Access Archive: Tap the clock icon (for mobile devices) or the three horizontal lines (for desktop) in the top right corner.
  • View Archived Posts: You’ll find a section labeled “Archive.” Tap on it to view all your archived posts.

Method 3: Restoring or Unarchiving a Post

  • Access Archive: Follow steps 1 and 2 above to reach your Archive.
  • Select and Restore: Choose the post you want to restore, tap on the three dots (…) again, and select “Show on Profile.” The post will be restored to its original location on your profile.

Utilize the archive feature to keep your profile organized and clean without losing your precious posts. Stay tuned for more Instagram tips and tricks.

How to View Someone Else’s Deleted Instagram Posts

There is no authorized answer to “How to see deleted posts on Instagram of someone?”. Platform operates in a way that once a user removes a post from their profile, it’s permanently removed. If they delete their profile, all their content becomes inaccessible. In other words, you can warn the situation and pre-save the content of the person you need. Or shoot screenshots if we are talking about photo postings. 

Did you know that with Glassagram, for example, it’s hassle-free to view everything going on in Instagram profiles anonymously? This way, one can see deleted Instagram posts of any person since they will be saved in your user space for an unlimited time. Moreover, subscribing to Glassagram will provide you with other reliable and helpful features, such as installation-free monitoring, tracking of hot likes (when someone likes old photos of your target, expressing heightened interest), and compatibility with any device since it’s web-based. 

Noteworthy is that the syncing process will start only after you add the new profile to your Glassagram user space, so you won’t be able to retrieve content posted or deleted before subscribing. In our view, this is a good option for obtaining information. 




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