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Bringing Brands Online with Custom Website Development and Digital Marketing

Kalvas Global Software, our team of passionate Web Designers, Developers, and Marketers have the expertise to help businesses succeed online. With years of experience, we offer end-to-end solutions – from visually appealing website design and robust development to targeted digital marketing strategies. Our customized approach aligns to each client’s brand, audience, and goals.

Our skilled Web Designers craft aesthetically pleasing websites focused on effective UI/UX and brand representation. Our expert

Developers build sophisticated backends and complex functionalities using cutting-edge technologies to bring digital visions to life. Together, we deliver custom solutions spanning CMS websites, eCommerce stores, web apps, and more tailored to the client’s requirements.

Complementing our development services, our results-driven Digital Marketing expands reach and accelerates growth. Our data-backed strategies across SEO, content marketing, social media, PPC ads, email marketing, and beyond help boost leads and ROI by engaging the right audiences.

Success Stories and Testimonials

Ring Ring APK

Ring Ring APK Download – Built an intuitive mobile app to optimize Android battery performance. It empowers users to efficiently manage device battery life with smart features.

The app provides timely notifications about battery charging, discharging and optimization. Users can set customized alerts based on battery level thresholds. Intelligent scheduling of notifications reduces disturbance without compromising on battery insights.

In-depth battery usage statistics help identify power draining apps and usage patterns. Personalized recommendations help optimize battery by adjusting settings, brightness, app notifications etc. The intuitive and user-friendly interface makes battery management easy.

Since launch, Ring Ring APK has received 100K+ downloads and rave reviews for its innovative approach to Android battery optimization.

It enables users to take control of device battery like never before.

Chat GPT Login

Chat GPT – Designed an elegant website for AI chatbot ChatGPT to easily manage user accounts with security.

The visually appealing portal complements ChatGPT’s advanced brand with its clean, uncluttered interface. Easy account creation, login, password management provides smooth access while ensuring privacy.

Seamless integration with the chatbot engine enables real-time sync of user preferences and conversation history across devices. Profile customizations like display name, avatar etc. offers personalization.

Implemented robust security measures like encryption, OTP authentication, activity logs make the website secure. Hassle-free interface and UX design delivers great user experience. Our client was highly impressed with the polished end product.

The ChatGPT portal enables users to easily access the powerful AI chatbot while maintaining control over their account and privacy.

Streamlined user account management bolsters overall service quality.

Sarkari job find

Sarkarijobfind – Developed a comprehensive portal website to share timely government information likePan card Statu    s, Aadhaar card resources and more. The feature-rich website provides relevant, up-to-date notifications and resources for millions of users seeking government services.

Key features include easy search/filtering of government vacancies, exam alerts, results, forms, and document status tracking services for PAN, Aadhaar etc. Users can customize their experience by saving job alerts and creating personal dashboards. Email notifications ensure users never miss critical updates.

The visually appealing, mobile-responsive design and intuitive UX makes it easy to find relevant information quickly. Within a short time, Sarkarijobfind has become the go-to platform for lakhs of job aspirants and those seeking government services.

Pikashow APK

Pikashow APK Download – Developed an Android app for free streaming of TV shows, movies and live sports.

With a user-friendly interface, Pikashow offers seamless streaming experience across devices. It features a wide catalog of the latest movies, binge-worthy shows, live TV channels, and sports coverage.

Users can browse content easily and stream in HD quality with smooth playback. Intuitive controls like subtitles, streaming speed, bookmarks make viewing more personalized. Chromecast support allows casting to external devices.

Implemented security measures prevent unauthorized usage. Regular content updates ensure fresh entertainment options for users always. Attractive referral programs drive growth.

Within a short time, Pikashow APK emerged as a top app for free streaming given its smooth performance, extensive catalog and easy navigation. It provides unlimited entertainment at zero subscription cost.

Instagram story downloader

Instagram story viewer quickly, anonymously, and for free with the Instagram Story Downloader.

The website offers a simple hassle-free tool to download Instagram stories, highlights, posts without requiring login or registration. Users can paste Instagram profile URLs to download content in HD quality.

Downloading is anonymous as no user information is collected. The intuitive interface lets users access unlimited downloads quickly.

Media is downloaded as-is without watermarks or alterations.

Regular updates ensure compatibility with Instagram’s changing APIs for uninterrupted service. No ads or distractions for seamless user experience. SSL encryption protects user privacy during downloads.

With its speed, anonymity and ease of use, Instagram Story Downloader provides the ideal solution for saving Instagram content without consent hassles.

Bah calculator

Bah calculator simplifies this process by providing service members with a straightforward way to estimate their housing allowance based on their specific circumstances. By inputting information such as zip code, pay grade, and dependency status, users can quickly determine their BAH rate and better understand how it aligns with their housing needs and budget.

Final Grade Calculator

Final Grade Calculator is a valuable tool that allows students and educators to determine their projected final grades based on their current performance and the weight of various assignments, exams, and other factors contributing to their overall grade. By inputting the scores they’ve received on assignments and exams, along with the respective weights or percentages, users can instantly see what their final grade is likely to be if they maintain their current level of performance.

Snow Day Calculator

Snow Day Calculator is a handy tool designed to predict the likelihood of a snow day based on various weather factors and local conditions. By analyzing data such as forecasted snow accumulation, temperature, wind chill, and historical trends, these calculators provide an estimate of the probability that schools or businesses in a specific area will close due to inclement weather.

Time Zone Converter

Time Zone Converter is a tool that allows you to easily convert between different time zones, helping you determine the equivalent time in another location. Whether you’re working with colleagues from around the world, organizing virtual events with participants in various countries, or simply staying in touch with friends and family across different time zones, a reliable time zone converter can streamline the process and prevent any confusion.

These are just some examples of the digital solutions we have delivered for diverse clients, from emerging startups to leading enterprises. By partnering with us, we can help craft a strategy tailored to your brand’s identity and goals.




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