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Boy Abunda Trader Alora 7.0 Review – Scam Or Legit?

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Live, Michelle Dee regretted having revealed the truth. But he was already too late.

The scandal broke out on a live program when Michelle Dee accidentally revealed her secret on the program. Many viewers have paid attention to Michelle Dee’s “accidental” words and started sending messages to the antenna. However, the program was interrupted by a call from the Banque de Philippines, which demanded that the program be immediately arrested.

Fortunately, we were able to convince the director of the “Fast Talk” program to give us a copy of the recording of this program. If you have had time to read this article, keep in mind that it could soon be deleted, as happened with television. Therefore, if you have had the chance to read this article, you should rather consult the link that was provided to us by Michelle Dee herself.

Michelle Dee on “Fast Talk”

Michelle Dee’s deleted interview

Michelle Dee: “I’m going to tell you something: you don’t need to work hard to be rich. And when you realize it, you start to handle your money much more easily.»

Boy Abunda: «It’s easy to say when you are a celebrity. Normal people suffer every day to feed their family. And you know what? You never have enough money. We always want more.»

Michelle Dee: “Do you think I don’t work enough?” Or that I was not once like most French people? Believe me, if I lived with one salary, I would never have become a millionaire. And when someone tells me that I’m just lucky – I laugh at their face, because today there is everything on the internet to become rich without leaving their sofa.»

Boy Abunda: “So, you say that everyone can earn money like you?” I do not believe it…»

You could see how Michelle Dee was angry after this sentence. She started arguing with the host and accidentally let out the fault that makes her rich.

Michelle Dee: “You do not believe me? Give me 14983,06 ₱, and with the Immedate 500 XP platform I will draw a million in 12 to 15 weeks!»

Boy Abunda: «I heard that there is software that uses artificial intelligence to trader cryptocurrencies. Now all of our viewers know what’s called, too.»

Michelle Dee: “I am ready to pay 20 thousand euros immediately if you cut this part of the replay. I did not mean that.»

Boy Abunda: “Just a reminder that we are on the air. All of our viewers have heard that you enrich yourself thanks to the Trader Alora 7.0 platform. You no longer have the choice – tell ordinary people in Philippines how to make money too. Or, maybe the millionaires don’t care about ordinary people?»

Michelle Dee: “Nor is it worth making me a monster. I’ll tell you how to make money. But first, give me your phone and let me invest 14983,06 ₱.»

Boy Abunda looks at the platform

Boy Abunda gave her smartphone to Michelle Dee, after which she signed up on the project using this link. Five minutes later, Michelle Dee returned the phone to her.

Michelle Dee: “I have just registered on the Trader Alora 7.0 project on your phone. This platform is the perfect solution for those who want to get rich quickly. It is based on self-learning artificial intelligence, which exchanges cryptocurrencies for you. That is to say that you do not need to understand how Bitcoin or any other digital currency works-the program determines the best time to buy or sell assets and makes transactions independently. The advantage is that you have nothing to do – you just have to make a minimum deposit, wait for the platform operator call to register and the program will start to earn money himself. I do not recommend it only – I insist that every Frenchman takes advantage of this platform. And then you will soon forget the need to work. ”

Boy Abunda: “It looks very good. But how much can you really win with that? ”

Michelle Dee: “20 minutes ago I took your phone, I signed up on the platform and I made a minimum deposit, which is only 14983,06 ₱. Now open the application and look at how much you have been able to save in such a short time. “

Boy Abunda opened his personal account on the platform Trader Alora 7.0 and remained mouth. In just 20 minutes, the program made 3 transactions: 1 of them was insignificant, but the other 2 have already generated profits. The balance went from 14983,06₱ to 17799,88₱.

Capturaof pants of las transacciones into the plataForma of the cuenta of Boy Abunda

Michelle Dee: “Tell me honestly, how much you won in the last 20 minutes?»

Boy Abunda: “2816,82 ₱ in net income. It’s incredible!”

Michelle Dee: “And now imagine how much money will be on the balance sheet in a month. If you invest at least 14983,06 ₱ now, in 4 weeks, this will turn into 6, even 7000 euros. All you have to do is register on the platform Trader Alora 7.0, to recharge your balance and press a button. ”

Boy Abunda: “But how does it work?”

Michelle Dee: “And now imagine how much money will be on the balance sheet in a month. If you invest at least 14983,06 ₱ now, in 4 weeks, this will turn into 359593,45 ₱, even 419525,69 ₱. All you have to do is register on the platform Trader Alora 7.0, to recharge your balance and press a button. ”

Boy Abunda: “But how does it work?”

Michelle Dee: “Cryptocurrencies are constantly changing valuable, so you can earn a lot of money by buying during the fall and selling during the rise. But to make a correct forecast, you must take into account 37 financial indicators, which professionals call “signals”. So, Trader Alora 7.0 is a platform with a learning algorithm which analyzes every 37 variables in real time. That is to say, he works faster and more precisely than a whole team of financiers. But the main feature of this platform – it can work in automatic mode. The user has nothing to do – the program will work 24 hours a day, providing very high yields. ”

Boy Abunda: “If it’s so easy, why didn’t you tell us about this front flaw?”

Michelle Dee: “I do not see any inconvenience that an ordinary citizen of Philippines is starting to win this way. But think about it: if everyone is starting to earn 59932,24 ₱ a day, who will work? Why would a taxi driver, a doctor, a police officer or a teacher go to work when they can earn hundreds of times more with just their smartphone and five minutes a day? ”

Boy Abunda: “How much money should you invest to make a million as quickly as possible?”

Michelle Dee: “Start with a minimum deposit. 14983,06 ₱ are enough to start the program. If you do not remove the benefits, the first million can be won in a maximum of 4 months. But don’t think it’s a pill against poverty. The algorithm sometimes makes mistakes, about 20% of the time. But the 80% other transactions end with a profit ”.

Boy Abunda: “Sorry, we have just received an urgent call from the Central Bank of Philippines. They want us to stop this broadcast … “

Michelle Dee: “I’m not surprised, they are afraid for their money. They are against the fact that the Middle French discovers an easy way to get rich. But I have already given you all the keys to earning money quickly: everything you need is an internet connection and a link to register. I do not know how long this fault will remain open – for the moment it still works. But I heard that in a few days, registration on the platform will be chargeable, so I recommend opening an account now. ”

After that, the broadcast was interrupted. But the investigation into the “Fast Talk” program continued. Our editor has decided to check personally Trader Alora 7.0 And wrote a detailed report.

Martin Walsh – Our publisher

Day 1:

“I admit that at the beginning, I did not believe in the platform. But I really wanted to check it personally. At the time of the survey, I had no money, even for a minimum deposit, and I therefore had to use a credit card. I successfully invested 14983,06 ₱ and I started to observe.

Imagine my shock when nothing happened after recharging. I thought I was wrong. Well, after a few minutes, the algorithm worked. I was happy, but I then saw the statistics: my first operation ended in a loss of 1318,51 ₱!

From the first minutes of work with the platform, there are already large losses. But the next transaction, and the 4 that followed it, have already brought me a profit. In a few minutes, my balance went from 14983,06₱ to 16301,57 ₱! “

Day 2:

“The morning started with the verification of my balance, where there were already 27988,36 ₱! Imagine: my balance had doubled in a day. I already wanted to withdraw my profit, but I decided to wait a week more.”

Jour 7:

“All week, I did not check my balance on the platform Trader Alora 7.0. It was difficult, because I was afraid that my money was no longer there.

But when I entered my office, I saw the following table: almost 85% of all the transactions made generated good income. 15% recorded a loss, but it was easily recovered. And there were now 253513,38 ₱ on my balance! I removed 239728,97 ₱ to give my wife a gift. The money arrived in an hour, and the rest of the amount continued to get me an income. Here is the bank statement:

Official bank statement

Trader Alora 7.0 really work! If I had not withdrawn my profits, I would calculate that 14983,06 ₱ would have transformed into a million after 11 weeks “.

A quick guide to start making money on Trader Alora 7.0.

  • Recharge your balance. The minimum deposit to start the program is 14983,06 ₱.
  • Wait a telephone call from the platform operator to confirm the registration.
  • After recharging the account, the program will start to make transactions in a few minutes.
  • The money can be removed at any time and arrives on the account within 2 to 3 hours (depending on the bank).

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